“If I wouldn’t have hired you when I did, I probably wouldn’t still be alive”.

I will never forget the feeling of hearing that statement from one of my clients. It knocked me back in my seat. I remember crying when we got off the phone because of the impact he made on me during that conversation.

I didn’t know he was close to giving up on living when we started our work together.

I knew he had goals, he needed structure and we had a lot of mindset work to do, but I didn’t know suicidal thoughts were at play. During the first few months of working with a new client, we spend a lot of time going deep, like really deep into the dark shadows of self. We uncover fears and limiting patterns, unhealthy habits and space that needs room to breathe. Sometimes those are just around performance, professional growth, communication, self-worth, rebelling against structure, lacking a plan, etc. Continue reading “Impact”

Being Vulnerable

Being Vulnerable

Being vulnerable never gets easier, even when it becomes your active way of engaging.

The thing that I find to be most challenging about vulnerability is letting go of the reaction others may have to it.

It can be crushing to be vulnerable, to really put yourself out there with someone only to have them turn away or choose that it’s too much.

But you have to remember two things…
1. You’re not doing this for them. Being vulnerable is a pure act of self love and living in your own truth, no matter what.

2. Someone’s reaction to you has absolutely nothing to do with you and has everything to do with them, their own situation, possibly their own fears, and the filter they choose to see life through.

So, you cannot take it personally.

Instead, you allow yourself to feel whatever feelings come up, honor them, dissect them if needed but then remind yourself how courageous you are and that vulnerability is a super power.

Keep going.
Keep growing.
Those you are meant to be with along the way will cherish the rawness of you, not run from it.

Being Vulnerable

Being Vulnerable

It’s okay to let someone take care of you sometimes.

Seems almost silly to even say this out loud, but to all of you crazy independent heretics who are right there with me working daily to take over the world, it’s okay to let someone take care of you now and then.

For my entire adult life I’ve always worked hard to NEVER need anyone. Part of my insane proactive nature is to be super prepared and never need anyone to help me with anything…

This is something I’ve completely flipped and adjusted professionally… Hiring a staff and letting them be there for me is a must and something I’ve always been okay with. BUT in my personal life… Not so much.

I suck at letting anyone see me vulnerable.
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Going Through Some Shit

Going Through Some Shit

Real talk. I’ve been going through some shit lately.

Before you get all “Oh my gosh Jamie, WHAT’S WRONG”; please let me explain, nothing is wrong.

When I say, ‘going through some shit’, yes, I mean some not so easy realizations and decisions, which have led to lots of feelings, some darkness, and a lot of stress.
None of those are negative things though, friends! Continue reading “Going Through Some Shit”