Patience Has Nothing To Do With It

Patience Has Nothing To Do With It

I went to catch up with a friend this morning, we met outside of the restaurant and I yelled my normal, “WHAT’S UPPPP!” greeting across the lot. As we were walking in, he replied “Well apparently EVERYTHING. You have a lot to tell me, huh?”

“Yep. All of the things are happening.”

“Like all of the things… at the same time.”

“Ya know, all of the things all in about 5 minutes. Yes. Quick and fast, just how I like it. You know I’m impatient.” I said jokingly.

And as we were seated to enjoy our usual, but massively overdue breakfast date, I went on to tell him about the huge realizations I’ve uncovered recently, the changes in my business structure, the fact that I met a man, fell in love basically instantly, and within days from now will be cohabitating with said man… in a different state.
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Connection Doesn’t Know Time

Connection Doesn’t Know Time

Connection doesn’t know time.

Experience doesn’t recognize time. Your soul doesn’t care about time. It connects when it’s meant to connect. It loves when it’s meant to love. It draws you to an experience because it needs it.

Your soul knows what you need better than you ever will. Trust in that.

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