Shine in All Your Glory

Shine in All Your Glory


If I had a dollar for every time I heard that…. I’d own an island.

“You’re just too much.”
“Do you even know what you want?”
“How can you expect that?”

“Why do you need more than what you have right now?”

I was told these things most of my life. I was made to feel like I was out of line for wanting the things that I wanted. I was made to feel like I was “too much” when I would fully express myself as who I am at my core. So it’s no wonder that I spent most of my life trying to tone it down. Continue reading “Shine in All Your Glory”

Ladies, listen up

Ladies, listen up


Stop teaching your daughters to hate other woman.

They hear you compare yourself to other woman. They hear you hate on a chick because she’s too skinny or too fat or has the purse you want.

They hear you downgrade someone because of what they drive or where they live.

You could be simply making a comment.
Or kidding around.
Or jealous.
Or maybe you’re having a bad day… Continue reading “Ladies, listen up”