Intuitive Knowing

Intuitive Knowing

Wow. My life is weird…. and I freaking love it.

So I was just looking at the training schedule for my Incubator course that’s currently running (that 3 month pod group I launched a couple months ago) and seeing how the calls will fit around my moving date as it’s quickly approaching and it just hit me….

3 months ago I knew I was looking for something but I didn’t know what it was. I had recently met a man and went from single to in a seriously amazing soul connected relationship in like 5 minutes because well… that’s how I manifested this shit to happen, ask any of my friends. I wanted to skip the dating games and go right for the real time.

That’s what we’ve done and I couldn’t be happier. But the crazy thing is to think that just a few months ago moving to a different state wasn’t even on my radar… not even a little bit. Until in a single moment I just realized that it’s where I needed to be, where I wanted to be, where my soul had been searching for and that was that. Continue reading “Intuitive Knowing”

Remember Who You Are

Remember Who You Are

Remember who you are.

Without your age, the number on the scale, your report card, or your bank account.

Without the amount of friends you have, or expensive things you own.

Know who you are; your truest, most raw self.

When you start to doubt or worry, remember who you are at your core.

All of those other thoughts are in your head, fueled by your ego.

When you check in and get in touch with who you are at your core, you’re checking in with your heart center, with your gut, with your inner self.

And once you tune into that channel, make it a habit to do it frequently and stay in touch because that’s the purest part of your existence and the piece that will always lead you to your truest callings.



Real talk: I’m nauseous constantly.

I wake up nauseous and have to literally talk myself out of puking every morning. Thank God I’m as mentally strong as I am. Until about a year ago I DID actually puke every morning because I woke up with my blood sugar so out of wack. I have made major improvements in my quality of life over the past couple of years by systems of trial and error and figuring out what makes me feel the best.
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Are You Missing Something Simply Because You’re Not Looking?

Are You Missing Something Simply Because You’re Not Looking?

When I say I am creating the life of my dreams, I mean it. But that doesn’t mean I always have a crystal clear view of what it all looks like in detail.

I have an outline, a guideline, an idea…but more importantly a FEELING. I know how I want to feel in my business, in my life, in my love. I know what I won’t settle for. I know what I want. I know what I’m willing to compromise on and what I’m not.

And I know that I CAN and WILL have it.

I remember the first time Tony told me he was just waiting for me to meet people I fit with from my space and move somewhere else.
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Is Keeping Your Mouth Shut Inauthentic?

Is Keeping Your Mouth Shut Inauthentic?

Real talk, lately I’ve been super frustrated in a couple of areas of life. I’ve been put in a few situations where I was told, or told myself, that I needed to just back off and not say anything.

I was left to stand here feeling like I was choking, feet stuck in the concrete. Like legit, uncomfortable as fuck from not saying what was on my mind or for not opening up the conversation… No matter how tough that conversation may or may not have been if I had.
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Don’t Hide Your Passion

Don’t Hide Your Passion

If you’re one of those people who strut around with your chest puffed out proclaiming; “I don’t have a care in the world”. You’ll instantly lose my attention.

What a cowardly thing to do, to just NOT care.

Which is absolute bullshit, by the way.

You DO care about something. You probably care about a lot of things actually but the fact that you hide them tells me a lot about you. Continue reading “Don’t Hide Your Passion”

Be Honest And Clear

Be Honest And Clear

Almost 3 years ago I moved out of my boyfriend’s house.

After living together for over a year and halfway into our second year together, he dropped a huge bomb on me. Something that would have ended most relationships.

He told me that even though he has said he wanted to have more children, the more he thought about it, he realized that he did not. It was not an option for him.

You see, he is 19 years older than me. He has two grown children and a granddaughter, so it’s understandable that he wouldn’t want any more.

But I was blown away when he said this to me, for many reasons. Continue reading “Be Honest And Clear”

Gravity and Wine

blog imageEverything they told you about your late 20’s is true.

Gravity will move your ass into a spot that you are NOT okay with.  You’ll understand what people were talking about when they said “teacher arms” and totally get grossed out when you wave and feel your arm fat move.

You can not eat an entire pizza, jack in box tacos, or a bottle of wine and feel like a million bucks anymore. Chances are you’ll be sick as hell and have a new roll to show for it the next day.

Some things they DON’T tell you is that you may turn into an entire different person than you were before. Nineteen year old you wouldn’t even recognize twenty-eight year old you. Continue reading “Gravity and Wine”

Intuition or crap?

Intuition or crap?

“I don’t just listen to your words.

I watch your face. I stare into your eyes. I check out your body language. I peep your tone. I make note of your use of words. I hear what you don’t say. I interpret your silences. 

Most importantly…I trust my intuition. ” 

I was looking through my Pinterest for an article last night and ran across this quote again and due to some current things running through my head it just seemed to fit so I simply shared it and went on to find the article I had been searching for. Continue reading “Intuition or crap?”