8 Years Ago

8 Years Ago

This weekend marks 8 years since I finally walked away (Originally written May 25).

Man, sometimes it feels like 15 and other times it feels like it was an entirely different lifetime altogether.

For years I would never admit this part to anyone that wasn’t actually present for the mess that was my life at the moment but I originally left in December. It wasn’t until the end of May that I was finally, finally, really really really left. Like left left. Never turned back. Never had another conversation. And the really interesting part is, I literally have no seen his face or heard his voice since that day.

It’s interesting because for more than half of these past 8 years, we lived ridiculously close to one another. Still in the same town, hell..almost on the same damn street and never once did I run into him or see him somewhere.

If that’s not the universe having my back, I don’t know what is. Continue reading “8 Years Ago”




I was in 8th grade. Social studies class. It was about time for us to switch classes and instead the teacher got a call. He quickly stood up, closed the shades on all the windows and locked the door to our classroom.

No one knew what was going on. We just sat there.

Was there an intruder in our school? 
Were we in immediate danger?
Was there an emergency?
No one knew.

About 15 minutes later, the phone rang again. The teacher stood up with tears in his eyes and told us that there had been a terrorist attack. And we were on lock down as a precaution. Continue reading “9/11”