Guys… she doesn’t know unless you tell her. That thing you wish she would do or the fact that it makes you sad if she leaves the house and doesn’t kiss you, she doesn’t know. Open up your mouth and tell her. Say the words. Because I promise you, she doesn’t know.

Ladies… He can’t read your mind. He doesn’t know what you want. He doesn’t know that little thing he does makes you want to scream. He doesn’t know that you long for him to come up behind you and wrap his arms around you. Open your mouth and tell him. Tell him what you need, what you want, what you feel like you’re missing.

I speak to people every day who don’t feel fulfilled, who aren’t happy, or think their relationship is missing something, and let me tell you…it is. Continue reading “Communication”

Start Choosing Love

Start Choosing Love

People die unexpectedly every day.
People who were perfectly healthy yesterday drop dead with no warning. It makes me a little nauseous just thinking about it sometimes but it’s the truth.

What if someone you thought you had more time with turns out to be one of those people?

Would you have words left unsaid? feelings left unshared?

Don’t be the guy who walks around the rest of his life saying “I wish I would have said ‘this’ when I had the chance ”.

That line right there is a heavy one to carry.

And why? Because being honest is scary? Or maybe your pride gets in the way so you don’t say what you feel?

Ask yourself: Will that pride or fear be worth it if tomorrow never comes?

Speak your words to the people in your life. Tell that person how you feel. Chances are, they have NO idea.

Look, I’m not trying to be morbid. I am trying to prevent the large group of people who live with regret and guilt everyday because they simply don’t tell the truth or share their feelings.

Because they let fear win, no matter how much they don’t want to ever admit that that is the case.

That voice that stops you from sharing what’s in your heart? That’s fear.

That feeling you feel that makes you want to share in the first place? That’s love.

Start choosing LOVE every time and lighten your own load .

Is Keeping Your Mouth Shut Inauthentic?

Is Keeping Your Mouth Shut Inauthentic?

Real talk, lately I’ve been super frustrated in a couple of areas of life. I’ve been put in a few situations where I was told, or told myself, that I needed to just back off and not say anything.

I was left to stand here feeling like I was choking, feet stuck in the concrete. Like legit, uncomfortable as fuck from not saying what was on my mind or for not opening up the conversation… No matter how tough that conversation may or may not have been if I had.
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