Born to Fly

Born to Fly

How do you keep your feet on the ground when you KNOW YOU WERE BORN TO FLY?

Well, you try for years. You try to stay grounded and do what’s expected of you. You get the job. You get the house. You date the guy. You get the car.

And then you slip. You just can’t take it anymore and you slip.

You rebel.

You throw them all off.

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Keep Shining

Keep Shining

I feel like I keep repeating this in my head daily; “Not everyone wants to see your light”.

But that doesn’t mean you should let “them” keep you from shining.

It’s not your job to MAKE them see, or keep them from covering their eyes. It’s your job to stand in the place of your truth and shine. No matter what.

It doesn’t mean that you let their negativity darken your light either.
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