You’re Allowed to Feel Pretty

You’re Allowed to Feel Pretty

NEWSFLASH: You’re allowed to feel pretty and you’re allowed to share a photo of yourself that you like simply because you like it.

It doesn’t have to meet anyone’s standards or fit within the guidelines of what anyone else thinks is appropriate.

It’s your life.
It’s your body.
You can be smart
and strong
and successful
and a massive boss
all while still being sexy
and sassy
and sweet
and inspirational
and motivating
and humble
and confident
and passionate
and calm.

All. At. The. Same. Time.

You don’t have to trade one for the other, EVER. Continue reading “You’re Allowed to Feel Pretty”

Be Proud of Who You Are

Be Proud of Who You Are

Quit apologizing for being pretty.

You should not have to apologize for being attractive or having a figure. The way that you look should NOT be what matters or what you’re criticized for BUT we all know that this issue is all too real in our society.. And it always has been.

I just read an article about a school teacher who has curves and is beautiful who is catching tons of greive from the media asking, “Would you want her teaching your kids?”

Are you kidding me? Because she’s pretty and has a nice ass she’s not fit to teach your children? Wow.

Don’t we have more important issues in our education system that deserve this attention?

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