The Biggest Hurdle

The Biggest Hurdle

You might know this already but l speak from experience when I say that a reminder is needed frequently. Stress is possibly the biggest hurdle you’re facing right now and you don’t even realize it… because it’s become so “normal”.

In a world that tries to measure you by how fast you are, stress is almost inevitable… or so it probably seems.

I’m not saying I live a stress-free life because that’s not entirely true but I sure do try. I used to use what I saw as “motivation” to show up like pressure in extreme volume everywhere in my life and move me forward. It took me a while before I realized that that kind of stress wasn’t really suited for anyone. Not anyone who is trying to live in fullness, health, ease, and joy at least.

But damn did I try to do all of it at the same time. Then the good stuff was a direct result of the overbearing stress moments and somewhere along the line, my body started to resent it… insert more stress here.

Stress compromises your immune system. It can also cause sleeplessness, an increased probability of not eating properly, and/or turning to vices more frequently for an “out”.

All of which also can affect your body’s ability to fight off illness.

Please keep that in mind when you choose something over that mindfulness practice that you know should be a priority.

Please keep this in mind the next time you choose junk or no food over something that you know is nourishing.

Please keep this in mind the next time you choose anything oversleep repeatedly.

Being aware is a great tool.
Being prepared is also a valuable use of your energy, but panic and stress ultimately will add to the problem. Preparation is key to preventing more stress and panic.

Not sure how to do that? Or even where to get started?

I’m working on a bit of a guide style sharing that will help in some of these areas. If you’re interested in receiving it (it’s free btw), Make sure you sign up for my newsletter list.

Small shifts to reduce stress are what we’re looking for.

Real Security

Real Security

Security. What does it really mean to you? Have you ever thought about it? Where does it come from? How do we create it? Or can we truly ever have it?

There are a lot of questions posed by this word that many have never taken the time to think about before. 

Sometimes we go through life grasping for things that make us feel just a little safer or we create defense mechanisms that we think give us security. Is that kind of safety and security actually a ruse? 

This topic was brought up to me recently in terms of what I help people build in the form of a solid foundation within themselves and their businesses. And man, was it a cool moment on seeing another layer to this practice. Continue reading “Real Security”



Ladies, I stopped using the word “period” to describe my monthly cycle and you should too.

Did you know that period is short for what doctors would describe as a “periodic illness”?

Yes, you read that right.
Our monthly cycle, something so natural, something that quite literally creates life was referred to as a periodic ILLNESS by medical professionals, thus leading to us calling this natural thing we do, “our period”.

Say what?! Continue reading “Bleeding”

Get Clear

Get Clear

This picture was taken almost 4 years ago, which seems insane when I really think about it.

But I remember when I first posted it. I was so proud. This shoot was so very well planned and every shot was thought out. Believe it or not, a lot of these poses aren’t easy to capture. It’s hard to stay still in a position that’s not natural, while flexing, and sitting on a hard surface, and trying to make a good face at the same time.

What I’m getting at, is a lot of effort goes into shots like this. And when I first posted this photo that I thought was so classy and classic, I got such mixed feedback. I had family members call my parents and ask “what’s Jamie doing?!” And be very taken aback by it. Continue reading “Get Clear”

Daily Writing

Daily Writing

One of the most powerful tools I’ve adopted into my daily plan is writing.

I journal about what I’m grateful for to attract more of those things, to attract more abundance into my life.

I journal my intentions for the day. How I will feel, what I will get done that day, how I will impact. Continue reading “Daily Writing”



Control. This one word has so many different meanings…

I’ve always been the rebellious one. I’ve never liked to be told what to do or how I should act. I’ve always done whatever it is that I want to do, typically however I choose to do it. (Blame that on my father for telling me at a young age that I can be whatever I want to be) Continue reading “Control”