Put The Sword Down

Put The Sword Down


Just because you know how to fight doesn’t mean you have to.

I’ve spent a lot of my life “fighting” to get to the next thing. Fighting to get recognition. Fighting to figure out what is wrong with my body. Fighting to get respect. Fighting to be seen. Fighting to be heard. Fighting to move out of and past old patterns and situations.

About a year ago, I stopped fighting.

I actually thought I had quit battling a long time before that point but in a moment where things had quite literally gone up in flames around me, I was reminded by a friend, “It’s only a battle if you choose for it to be” and in that moment I realized that while yes, I had stopped battling in most capacities, I still was in ways that I didn’t even notice.

So, I put the sword down and started to take another approach. After all, fighting or battling every day is fucking exhausting. Just saying those words brings my energy and vibe down several notches.

Here’s the thing, just because you know how to wield that sword and battle every demon or warrior that comes your way doesn’t mean you HAVE to. It doesn’t mean that has to be what defines you. It doesn’t mean you have to be in that state or operate with that as your desired position or stance to take.

Do you know where true power comes from?
It comes from KNOWING you can fight and then choosing not to because you can SEE past the moment and see the big picture where choosing not to fight is actually what accelerates everything.
It comes from choosing to stand within your own power and take the path of acceptance and learning to work WITH what’s happening, not against it. Continue reading “Put The Sword Down”



I prayed the rosary today for the first time in 10 years.

Yep, the entire thing, all 5 decades. The joyful mysteries. On my Grandma’s rosary that she prayed with every night, using the guide book she used. Those items have been sitting in my night stand drawer since she died… each place I’ve lived since she passed, I moved then with me in my night stand. Today, I felt called to use them.

And before that I was writing my gratitude in a journal in order to fully raise my vibration. Continue reading “Rosary”



I get a lot of questions about how I journal, what do I write about, what do I say, how do I do it.

Well, after thinking about that for a minute I realized that I write way more about how I want to feel, than what I want to “have”. I focus on how I want to feel each day. How a new client makes me feel. How a new income makes me feel. How the gym makes me feel. How my diet makes me feel. How my mindset work makes me feel. How I want to feel in my relationships. How I want to feel in my friendships. How I want to feel in my relationship with my family to feel. How I want to feel about myself. How I want to feel about my work. How I want to feel about how I help people. How I want to feel about LIFE.

I don’t focus on the “how” or “what” but on the FEELING. I visualize it. I describe my surroundings and feelings around every situation I wish to be my reality. Continue reading “Journaling”