My Fitness Journey

My Fitness Journey

My 2018 starting point is a body I barely recognize most of the time. Something I never thought was possible for me.

Figuring what makes my body run at peak performance and allows me to FEEL good has been such an interesting discovery ride.

This past year I have discovered which foods maintain a stable blood sugar for me, I started eating a high fat macro based diet, fell in love with building my shoulders, back, and arms, and now squat 175lbs on a regular basis.

I’ve added over 2 inches of size on my thighs and glutes, and over 1 inch on my biceps. I’ve gained 8 lbs in muscle and am down to 19% body fat. Solid fucking growth for someone who always struggled to maintain 118 lbs for most of her life, if you ask me.

But have I been 100% on my diet and workouts? Nope.

I’d say I was about 75% on my diet and 90% on my training. Looking back at the past 365 days and seeing the progress I’ve made and the strength and mass I’ve created I can’t help but ask myself, “where would I be if I stayed 100% disciplined?” Well, we’re going to find out.

I’m not going to drop my goals here in a “new year” post for you, you’ll see my results as I keep putting in the work and turn up the heat on it all.

Stay tuned. It’s just getting better from here.

I also wanted to note that I share much more of my fitness journey over on my Instagram so follow me there if you want to see more regular updates.

P.s. My fitness journey started two years ago. I’ve been diligent about figuring out what works for me in diet and training for two years. That is 730 days of choosing every day to focus on this mission. Thats 730 of choosing this lifestyle. So before you say “oh, I couldn’t look like that” ask yourself how many days you’ve been consistently committed to it?

You CAN build the change, you just have to do the work every day.

Every Day Matters

Every Day Matters

It’s funny how one day can hold so many highs and so many lows.
How you can have the best morning, have good conversations, and have exciting things happen but then have an utterly trying afternoon. One that makes you want to crawl under a hole.
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Why The Hell Not?

Why The Hell Not?
“Why the hell not?”
Really though?
What is stopping you from saying what you want to say?
From doing what you want to do? From having what you want to have?
From loving who you want to love?
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“Does any of this even make sense?”

“Am I just wasting my time?”

“I’m the one that allowed this to happen, maybe there is just something wrong with me…”

“Fuck it, I’ll just stay in bed today instead.”

All things that went through my head this morning when I woke up out of a dead sleep at 4:50 am to see that yet again, someone didn’t follow through on what they promised they would do.

Once again, I let myself get a little bit of hope towards someone else’s empty promises. Continue reading “Darkness”



Just remember… how you do one thing is how you do ALL things.

Pay attention.
Don’t be a lazy ass. In ANY areas of your life.
Be present.
Do the work. Yes, even when you don’t feel like it.
Call your mom.
Say please and thank you.
Smile. Continue reading “Remember…”



We have these things we “dream” about. Things that go through our head from time to time over the years (OR maybe things we think about much more often than we will ever admit) but we don’t allow ourselves to actually stop and think that they MIGHT actually be possible.

Recently, one of those images that’s been bouncing around in my head came to life.

It literally played out EXACTLY how I had imagined it. It almost seems surreal that it happened and is already over!

But I can promise you something, this is the first of many. Continue reading “Dream”



Wednesday I booked a flight. Thursday I jumped on a plane.

I landed in Vegas without much of a plan. I knew I needed to drive to some small town in the middle of the desert by Friday morning but that’s it. That’s all I knew.

I didn’t know a time.
I didn’t know the place to meet.
I didn’t know where I was going to sleep or what to expect.

And for the girl who always has a super detailed plan, this was weird… at first. BUT the moment I sat on that plane I felt something different…. I felt FREE.

And that feeling stayed all weekend. I felt completely free. Continue reading “Freedom”

Love What You Do

Love What You Do

Let me tell you a story real quick. This is a conversation I had the other day…

“Jamie, what are you working on right now?”
‘Oh you know, just business stuff’
“Ya, but like what?”
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