Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce

Everyone is looking for the secret sauce, the answer to how to get all of the things they want and usually, we want it all right this very moment, right? Oh I know, I’ve been there too. 

This is something I encounter a lot in my world and unfortunately, the answer isn’t what most want to hear. There is no quick way… but the cool part of that truth is it sure does help differentiate between who’s ready to commit now and who still needs time. 

In the newest episode of the Lifestyle Creation Podcast, we talk about how accepting that consistency is the key to all of the things that we want is not always a fun realization. But we do talk about how to get past that, how to start now and allow the space for shifting, tweaking, and moving as needed along the way. 

If you’ve been around me for a while you already know that I always give it to you straight, even if it’s not necessarily what you want to hear. I also give you tools to help you get through it. Not around it or over it or under it, but THROUGH it, through to the other side where this thing, even if right now it’s annoying or uncomfortable or seems hard. Through to the other side were doing the things actually is your norm and a tool you know is the secret sauce that allows you to create whatever it is that you want. 

Jump into this conversation with me and let’s discover how you can make this work for you…

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The Value of Time

The Value of Time

I’m not a Mom to human babies so sometimes women are quick to tell me “You can’t help me fix my schedule, you just don’t understand”.

And they are right, I do not have 2 legged children who can walk and talk and that I have to take with me everywhere I go BUT I’ve honestly NEVER tried to act like I understand OR like I can fully relate. I would never insinuate that.

But what I DO know, is that I understand valuing your time, using time blocks, preparing for shit to hit the fan, planning your “to-do” list around nap times and the potential for a toddler meltdown.

Time management is time management and chaos is chaos. But it comes down to way more than the ability to make a fancy plan and stick to it.

It comes down to your state of mind.
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