Are You Overworked?

Are You Overworked?

About 4 years ago I realized that this was not the way. Busy as a badge of honor is one of the most ass-backwards things you could do.

Here’s the deal. I’m an over-worker by nature. I have to actively keep myself balanced or I will work unnecessarily long hours and everything else in my life will suffer.

I lived on that cycle for most of my life, I get it. You probably don’t know how else to be. Or you hear me talk about living life on your terms, having time for everything you actually need and WANT to do, and replacing the chaos with calm and think.. “Ya, cool story bro. That’s not possible in my life Jamie.”

I get it, you think I couldn’t possibly help you, with everything that’s on your plate, everything you want to accomplish, everything you’re striving for but in some areas keep missing. All of the busy and chaos and hustle grind in your life is super necessary and there is no other way. Ya, so do most of my clients until they finally quit fighting their own lives and choose to take a step in the other direction.

That’s my purpose.

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Big Fat Confession Time: I’ve been drowning.

These past 10 days, I have felt like I’ve been fighting to keep my head above water.

It’s like no matter what I plan or do, my head just has NOT been in the game, at all. Maybe for a few hours of the day but not my normal, “balls to the walls, crank out more work in 8 hours than most people do in a week” sort of way.

Which bothers the fuck out of me. It makes me feel like a fraud. It makes me feel like I’m failing. But when I stop and look at the 30,000 foot view, I’m still killing it.

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