Word of the Year

Word of the Year

2016 was about Conquering and Discovery.

2017 is about Shining and Consistency.

To me, shining means staying centered in me, in my purpose and my message. Shining means following my instincts, sharing my story, sharing my wins, sharing my struggles, sharing everything. Staying true to who I am and standing strong in that spot is what shining means to me. Being a guiding light for others. Shining through their fog and helping them make their way through the storm. That is the key to fulfill my purpose here on this earth.

Consistency is a struggle for every one. Continue reading “Word of the Year”



All I’ve seen over the past week is people talking about how terrible 2016 was to them… here on my thoughts on that;

I’m sure some bad shit happened to you in 2016, but what about the good shit? Are you so far removed from the present that you can’t see the good around you too?

Look around, you’re alive. Life is good. You just have to choose to see it.

And before you start bitching about what you didn’t get done, goals you didn’t accomplish, or the weight you wanted to loose but didn’t… think about why not? Why didn’t you get those things? Why are you still in the same spot at you were December 30, 2015?

Did you take action? Or just talk shit?
Did you DO SOMETHING to try and get a different outcome?

Change doesn’t happen just because you talk about it or because you want it really really badly. Continue reading “2017”

As you head into the New Year…

As you head into the New Year…

A good coach picks you…not the other way around.

A good coach doesn’t just jump into a deal with you just because youre ready to pay them. They don’t take your money before seeing if you’re a good fit.

A good coach is picky about who they choose to work with.

Yes, you may be hiring them and you’re the one giving them your money but to a good coach, its about more than that.

It’s just as much their decision to work with you as it is yours to work with them. Continue reading “As you head into the New Year…”