Life Happens

Life Happens

I missed the first alarm, woke up around 6 and said “nope” and went back to sleep. When I finally did rise, I walked into a messy kitchen, dishes in the sink, tools from fixing the light yesterday on the table, planner spread open with this week’s menu for my meal prepping on the counter lining out the food I was supposed to cook last night but didn’t.

I moved on to the bathroom where Bonnie had apparently tried to ball up the rug during the storm last night and left brown fuzz and pieces of carpet all over the floor, then notice there’s a hair extension that fell out yesterday (I’m way overdue for a new set) lying on the floor next to the trash can because I apparently missed in my attempt to throw it away during my rushing out the door to an appointment yesterday.
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Your mess is your message…


“Your mess is your message”. I was listening to a podcast today and heard this phrase referenced many times throughout the segment. It really resonated with me on a whole ‘nother level. And I think that phrase really will hit home with so many difference types of people. Both entrepreneurs and individuals who are trying to be real and make a difference in this world. Continue reading “Your mess is your message…”