Patience Has Nothing To Do With It

Patience Has Nothing To Do With It

I went to catch up with a friend this morning, we met outside of the restaurant and I yelled my normal, “WHAT’S UPPPP!” greeting across the lot. As we were walking in, he replied “Well apparently EVERYTHING. You have a lot to tell me, huh?”

“Yep. All of the things are happening.”

“Like all of the things… at the same time.”

“Ya know, all of the things all in about 5 minutes. Yes. Quick and fast, just how I like it. You know I’m impatient.” I said jokingly.

And as we were seated to enjoy our usual, but massively overdue breakfast date, I went on to tell him about the huge realizations I’ve uncovered recently, the changes in my business structure, the fact that I met a man, fell in love basically instantly, and within days from now will be cohabitating with said man… in a different state.
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Real talk: these past two weeks have been a whirlwind.

One moment it feels like it’s been forever and the next moment it feels like it’s just been a day.

The month of May is typically a very full month for me, so I came into it expecting this but this year, it’s been on a whole new level.

Chaos used to be my normal.
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