Are You Existing? Or Are You Living?

Are You Existing? Or Are You Living?

“Stop existing and Start living”.

I just saw this and it stopped me dead in my tracks. Think about that for a minute…

Are you existing? Or Are you living?

EXISTING would probably go something like this: dreading waking up each morning, rushing through your morning to go to a job or into a task you’re not super crazy about, driving to that place and not even remembering the drive at all and not looking forward to all you HAVE to do today. Sometimes not wanting to get out of bed at all. Maybe not feeling super thrilled about the clothes you just threw on during that rushed morning so you don’t particularly feel super awesome. Avoiding conversations. Eating whatever is available at the time or forgetting to eat at all. Looking forward to ‘quitting time’. Not feeling excited about anything you’re doing all day. You’re just kind of “going through the motions”… or something along those lines. Continue reading “Are You Existing? Or Are You Living?”