Love Every Piece of Who You Are

Love Every Piece of Who You Are

“You can love her with everything you have and she still won’t belong to you. She will run wild with you, beside you with every step but let me tell you something about women who run with wolves, their fierce hearts don’t settle between walls and their instinct is stronger than upbringing. Love her wild or leave her there.”
-Nikki Rowe

I was recently told that photos like this probably “turns other women off” from wanting to work with me or learn from me or join forces with me in any way…

And I get that. Trust me, I do.

But at the same time, that’s the opposite of my purpose for the way I show up. I show up this way, being extremely true to everything I stand for and believe in AND everything thing that I am as a woman and an individual in hopes that people see a light into the opportunity to do the same.

My hope is that it’s seen as power and respected because truly, that is the point.

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Having a ring side seat to watch my clients win is something I’ll never get tired of witnessing.

It’s truly an honor.

It’s an honor to be entrusted with their most vulnerable moments, their fears, their worries, their losses, and their moments they see as “not good enough” or not making it.

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Check On Your Friends Who Live Alone

Check On Your Friends Who Live Alone

Check on your friends who live alone.
(well, all of your friends, read on please)

While you’re complaining about being cooped up in your house with your family or screaming kids, there are a lot of people who literally have no human interaction at all right now. You may miss going to the gym or getting alone time but they miss that simple trip to the gym or cafe or grocery store (minus the chaos and eerie feeling that is present right now) because that is usually the main and only source of their human interaction for the day or week.

I think it’s a beautiful time to remember that each of us has a different experience, a different reality. So, instead of complaining or judging or throwing a pity party, be grateful for what you have right now.

If you have a family that’s making you crazy right now, that’s okay. You’re allowed to feel overwhelmed by that and be exhausted too but please be grateful for them too. Be grateful you have a home with things to occupy each other or do together. Take this opportunity to enjoy each other more, maybe in a way you haven’t in a long time. Don’t take it for granted because some people would give anything to have someone to sit on the couch with right now, even if they’re jumping all over you or screaming. Continue reading “Check On Your Friends Who Live Alone”

Being Vulnerable

Being Vulnerable

Being vulnerable never gets easier, even when it becomes your active way of engaging.

The thing that I find to be most challenging about vulnerability is letting go of the reaction others may have to it.

It can be crushing to be vulnerable, to really put yourself out there with someone only to have them turn away or choose that it’s too much.

But you have to remember two things…
1. You’re not doing this for them. Being vulnerable is a pure act of self love and living in your own truth, no matter what.

2. Someone’s reaction to you has absolutely nothing to do with you and has everything to do with them, their own situation, possibly their own fears, and the filter they choose to see life through.

So, you cannot take it personally.

Instead, you allow yourself to feel whatever feelings come up, honor them, dissect them if needed but then remind yourself how courageous you are and that vulnerability is a super power.

Keep going.
Keep growing.
Those you are meant to be with along the way will cherish the rawness of you, not run from it.

My Family

My Family

While driving home from my overly large family gathering on Christmas Eve I was filled with such joy, such knowing, and such belonging… a very rooted feeling.

I started thinking about our history. About where my gigantic family started and about the amazing humans that really hold it all together.

My Grandmother raised 14 kids. Mainly in the hills of West Virginia in a small coal mining town that you’ve probably never heard of, which is a shame because it is hands down one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. There’s a reason they say “Almost heaven, West Virginia”. Continue reading “My Family”

Here’s what I know to be true…

Here’s what I know to be true…

Here’s what I know to be true….

You’re never sent down a path you’re not meant to travel.

Even if said path is a total out of the blue left turn, if it’s where you’re feeling called to go, trust me when I say take that damn path! Because what you can’t see yet is where it’s taking you and more importantly, WHY.

That paths sole purpose may be meant to wipe the slate clean, rip the remaining layers back, strip you down into this creature that had been fighting to get out, and then circle you back to what your soul longed for all along. Continue reading “Here’s what I know to be true…”

Don’t Assume You Know Shit About Shit

Don’t Assume You Know Shit About Shit

Once upon a time, I made a choice to not talk about my relationship publicly as I was starting to grow my business online and here’s why;

Because I refused to use his name and status in this city as a means to get business.

Yep. I knew that he had hundreds of connections with the business community that could have benefited from my services and expertise and he would have GLADLY made the introductions but I didn’t want to be hired simply because I was “Tony Twist’s Girlfriend”. So, while the fact that we were in a relationship was in no way a secret, I chose not to exploit it because it was very important to me that I built my business and clientele based on MY own reputation and MY own ability. Not to mention that contrary to popular assumptions, I could care less about his hockey history. That’s never been a part of our relationship.

Flash forward 5 years or so and I just heard about someone still claiming that “He funds her life”. Continue reading “Don’t Assume You Know Shit About Shit”

Open to Receiving

Open to Receiving

When you’ve been silently winning battles and totally transforming yourself knowing in your bones that everything is playing out the way it’s supposed to… even in those moments where all you want to do is to have it RIGHT NOW and it’s really hard you can still see so clearly that this is just another piece of what has to transpire in order for you to actually get that thing you want so badly in the first place… you keep the faith. You stay vibing as high as possible. You keep believing that the universe has your back and that things always happen in divine timing.

And then one day you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of what you wanted so badly and you’ll almost be scared to even allow yourself to feel giddy for fear that it might not last or might not be real. Continue reading “Open to Receiving”

Battling Depression

Battling Depression

*Originally posted September 30th, 2019

My beautiful friend Samantha called me yesterday morning while I was in the middle of a battle with my depression, I wanted to crawl back into bed and hide from the world. I was talking myself through every step.

I ate breakfast and took care of Bonnie. Win.

I showered. Win.

Sat there for like 20 minutes in a towel contemplating getting back under the covers.

Got up and dried my hair instead. Win.

Then I started pacing… I was so mad that I was in this fog. Annoyed to have to deal with it.
Feeling defeated at the thought of having to pull myself out of it… AGAIN. Debating going backwards on some relationship behaviors I’ve been working months to overcome because, well it felt like a quick fix.

Then Samantha called.

I had called her a few hours ago as I felt this all weighing down on me and left a message “it’s heavy today, call me when you can”.

A message that was hard to send but I’ve learned to reach out when I’m drowning. I don’t always listen to that advice but today I did.
Luckily had yet to put my makeup on because I answered the phone feeling okay but the moment she asked what was going on? Queue tears. Continue reading “Battling Depression”



*Originally posted September 21st, 2019

6 years ago I walked into the dealership and did whatever it took to get this Jeep.

I grew up in a car family. It was a joke on our street about how it seemed like one of us was outside washing a vehicle every day. My Dad takes extremely pristine care of his vehicles and instilled that onto me and my brother. But the other thing he taught us by example was to LOVE what you drive.

Six years ago I was driving a brand new Dodge Avenger. It was a nice car. Sporty, good gas mileage, all the bells and whistles but I didn’t “love” it. Truth is, I missed bouncing around town with some over-sized tires and that was actually FUN to drive. Continue reading “Jeepiversary”