Let’s be real, life is always a lot to juggle.

And sometimes trying to stay on top of it all just feels….impossible.

Then you add in all of the things that are happening in the world lately and it just makes it feel even bigger, even more daunting almost.

Learning how to navigate things in these new and different times hasn’t been easy for anyone, whether we care to admit it or not. Things are different. Intentions are different. Proactive behavior has become more necessary than ever and sometimes that feels like a mountain to climb. Continue reading “Juggle”

Intro to Intentional Living – PODCAST

Intro to Intentional Living – PODCAST

HOLY SHIT! Episode 1 y’all! Here it is:




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In this episode, I give you a brief glimpse behind the curtain into me, my professional background, and my personal journey. I then quickly shift into the conversation of Intentional Living.

Continue reading “Intro to Intentional Living – PODCAST”