Keep Shining

Keep Shining

I feel like I keep repeating this in my head daily; “Not everyone wants to see your light”.

But that doesn’t mean you should let “them” keep you from shining.

It’s not your job to MAKE them see, or keep them from covering their eyes. It’s your job to stand in the place of your truth and shine. No matter what.

It doesn’t mean that you let their negativity darken your light either.
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The next two weeks are going to be hectic. Well, they have the potential to be.

I have to pack up my life for 14 days to head to Tony’s. We have appointments, 2 formal events to attend, and all kinds of other things to get handled.

Then I come home for 1 day before leaving again to jet off to Utah for 5 days for an event and to visit some friends.

That’s a lot of packing.

Most people would put it off. They would procrastinate and then panic. They would let things slide and allow the difference in normal routine to throw them completely off course without even thinking twice about it. Continue reading “Preparation”



If you want to claim you’re building it with no help, yet behind closed doors you’ve hired help…
But you’re cutting yourself short of really reaching the success you want before you even get started. You’re not fully utilizing the help you’ve hired because you don’t want anyone to know. You want them to think you’ve got it all figured out.
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Hero of the Story

16649151_10154898805820797_7240505634582737800_nI’ve always been quick to love and when I love, I give my everything. I remember being around 19 years old, feeling heartbroken and disappointed yet again by some guy who wasn’t man enough to be what I needed in a partner (or whatever that looked like to my 19 year old self).

Each time this happened, it pushed me to build what I wanted and be dependent on no one for anything. I got stronger every single time. My skin got thicker and it was at that age that I first fell in love with this quote:

I am the hero of this story, I don’t need to be saved.
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Word of the Year

Word of the Year

2016 was about Conquering and Discovery.

2017 is about Shining and Consistency.

To me, shining means staying centered in me, in my purpose and my message. Shining means following my instincts, sharing my story, sharing my wins, sharing my struggles, sharing everything. Staying true to who I am and standing strong in that spot is what shining means to me. Being a guiding light for others. Shining through their fog and helping them make their way through the storm. That is the key to fulfill my purpose here on this earth.

Consistency is a struggle for every one. Continue reading “Word of the Year”

Getting Some Major Hustle On

Getting Some Major Hustle On

This is how I spent my day…

Sitting fireside soaking up the ambiance of this beautiful fire and getting some major hustle on. Continue reading “Getting Some Major Hustle On”

Hiring a Personal Assistant

Hiring a Personal Assistant

“Hiring a personal assistant? Great that means you’re going to have so much more free time! “

I just kind of sat there staring as I heard that statement.. I’m pretty sure I even tilted my head a little like a dog does when you ask them if they want to go outside. I know my facial expression couldn’t hide the look of sheer confusion on my face.

An assistant is going to give me free time? Is this really what you think? Continue reading “Hiring a Personal Assistant”

Being Selfish

Being Selfish

Learning to be SELFISH has changed everything in my life.

Yes, you read that right… SELFISH.

I spent the majority of my life always saying “YES”.
Always feeling obligated to attend everything I was invited to
Always moving around my own schedule around to better benefit someone else.
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Fitness Bullshit…

Fitness Bullshit…

I used to bullshit about fitness every day.

Everyday it was written in my planner.




I put it on the list Every. Single. Day.

And every single day, I skipped it. Continue reading “Fitness Bullshit…”

Is your schedule sucking the life out of you?

So you’re schedule SUCKS

You haven’t had time to enjoy your summer yet

You’re always scrambling to find enough time for EVERYTHING

You feel guilty when you have to sacrifice family time for work.

You feel guilty when you have to sacrifice work time for family.

You push Mondays tasks to Tuesday… then to Wednesday… then before you know it, It’s Friday…

The overwhelm starts to set in. Continue reading “Is your schedule sucking the life out of you?”