April Already?!

I woke up Saturday morning and realized it was already April.
I mean, obviously I KNEW it was already April but it was like my eyes clicked open Saturday and I instantly thought “How are we already 3 months into 2017?”
You see, I’ve been making moves these past few months. Big moves. Big hairy, scary moves. And I think that when you are so engulfed in making changes and digging deeper, and creating and building.. that time passes quicker than you realize.
And when that happens I feel like I haven’t done enough yet.
Which is absurd because I have literally been slaying everyday.
But then I stopped to think a little deeper about that Continue reading “April Already?!”

Getting Some Major Hustle On

Getting Some Major Hustle On

This is how I spent my day…

Sitting fireside soaking up the ambiance of this beautiful fire and getting some major hustle on. Continue reading “Getting Some Major Hustle On”

How you do one thing..

How you do one thing..

How you do one thing, is how you do all things.

Think about it. Do you empty the trash when it’s overflowing? Or just add to the pile and leave it for later? Or hope someone else comes along and empties it?

Do you get up when your alarm goes off? Or how you hit snooze 5x?

Do you drink 8 glasses of water a day? Or just talk about it?

Do you take the time to wash the dirty dishes? Or leave them in the sink for days? Continue reading “How you do one thing..”

What’s stopping you?


Orville Wright didn’t have a pilot’s license.

That didn’t stop him from making history.
That didn’t stop him from following his dream.
That didn’t stop him from pushing the status quo.

end rant.

Is happiness with someone else in my life even an option for me? I cannot help but ask myself this….No matter what situation I allow myself to get involved in I always search for something that is wrong, something that makes me run away. but when there is a situation in front of me that is obviously a bad idea and is clearly something I should run from, I can’t seem to make myself do it. Maybe it’s the stubborn in me that makes me want to always prove a point. Or maybe I just have to figure it out on my own. I have always learned every lesson in life the hard way but why? I’m not stupid, I can normally see this shit from a mile away. Why must I always jump in anyways? It all goes back to “Well maybe he sees how amazing I am, maybe this will be one in a million, that fairy tale” It sucks to admit that no matter how strong I am or I seem to be I am still guilty of the stereo-typical Disney story ideas. Its pathetic. Continue reading “end rant.”