People who want a solution will find one.

People who don’t will either keep complaining or ignore you completely when you try to help.

You can throw someone a million solutions or pieces of help and if they aren’t really looking for it or aren’t ready, it won’t matter. It will be instantly followed by a bunch of excuses to match.

That’s okay. Everyone comes to things in their own time.

You have to stop taking that on as YOUR responsibility.
Yes you.

No matter how hard you try, until someone is ready, they won’t hear you and instead you’re breaking yourself down and exhausting your efforts in the meantime. Continue reading “Solutions”

Fake vs. Authentic

Fake vs. Authentic

Fake vs. Authentic.


I’ve realized recently that the word AUTHENTIC means so much more than most people understand.


I overheard this  conversation while standing in line at the store… “She’s so fake, her hairs not really even blonde”


And I couldn’t help but think, “Does that really make someone fake or inauthentic to who they really are? “

I call BULLSHIT Continue reading “Fake vs. Authentic”