What Do You Do For Fun?

What Do You Do For Fun?

“What do you do for fun?”
To be honest, that question always throws me. I know it’s one of the go-to’s when people are trying to get to know someone or reconnecting with a lost friend or acquaintance but it’s a question that I tend to normally cringe at. Maybe it’s the dreaded small talk, but maybe it’s not.

I found myself faced with this question recently in an innocent conversation while reconnecting with someone and I thought to myself, “Wait, what DO I do for fun?”

“Do I even have fun?”

As I continued to question myself I thought, “Oh shit… Maybe I don’t actually have fun. What am I doing with myself? Damn, am I this boring person who does nothing?” Continue reading “What Do You Do For Fun?”


My Favorite Question

My Favorite Question

My favorite question (Well, one of them):

Q: What are you training for?

A: Life. I’m training for life.

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Investing in Yourself

Investing in Yourself

13 coaches hired and close to $90,000 spent.

Business, Lifestyle, Mindset, Nutrition, Life, & Energy Coaches. Intuitive healers. Energy readings. Personal Trainers. Money Mindset sessions. Meditation training.

I started investing in coaching before I was making any money online.

I had recently left my $60k a year, salaried position and had no backup plan.

I paid for my first coach with cash I was scraping together by doing random freelance work for body shops and small businesses in my area.

I hustled during the day to run their businesses, projects, and marketing, then would work on building my knowledge, skills, and expertise with the information I was learning from my coach in the evenings. Continue reading “Investing in Yourself”

Life Happens

Life Happens

I missed the first alarm, woke up around 6 and said “nope” and went back to sleep. When I finally did rise, I walked into a messy kitchen, dishes in the sink, tools from fixing the light yesterday on the table, planner spread open with this week’s menu for my meal prepping on the counter lining out the food I was supposed to cook last night but didn’t.

I moved on to the bathroom where Bonnie had apparently tried to ball up the rug during the storm last night and left brown fuzz and pieces of carpet all over the floor, then notice there’s a hair extension that fell out yesterday (I’m way overdue for a new set) lying on the floor next to the trash can because I apparently missed in my attempt to throw it away during my rushing out the door to an appointment yesterday.
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This Tattoo…

This Tattoo…

This tattoo was one of the best investments in myself I’ve ever made. Every time  I start to doubt what I’m doing or why I’m doing it, before my inner voice can even chime in to tell that shit to go on somewhere, I see my arm and remember it all.

Everything else stops and I just think: “Shine Jamie. Just shine.”

I know what I need to do. I have the tools. I know my purpose. It’s clear. And this is just a solid reminder whenever I need it that I was put on this planet to shine.

As a good friend of mine once told me, “it’s an external reminder of an internal committment.”

And that it is. An internal commitment that runs so deep to my core I’m not even sure I could actually ever fully explain.

Shine Light

Shine Light

I was asked to speak about living intentionally and fitting exercise into your life on a podcast today and I got to share my own fitness journey in the process… SO BLESSED!

It’s amazing to be able to shine light on overall wellness and changing your life. No, I’m not a personal trainer or a nutritionist but I am the other piece of that journey. The mindset, the planning, the focus, the habits, creating all of that takes intention mixed with action and it also just happens to be MY JAM.

The coolest part was sharing my own personal story and being able to shine the light on the other side of the coin as far as body shaming goes. It still remains a subject that is not spoken about enough.

But being recognized for the work I’ve been put in building my body into something that is exactly that; BUILT, strong, and powerful was an incredible honor that is new to me.

It felt good to talk about this topic and was a great reminder that I have literally CREATED THIS LIFE.

Just feeling so freaking blessed today and wanted to share the love out into the world 

My Fitness Journey

My Fitness Journey

My 2018 starting point is a body I barely recognize most of the time. Something I never thought was possible for me.

Figuring what makes my body run at peak performance and allows me to FEEL good has been such an interesting discovery ride.

This past year I have discovered which foods maintain a stable blood sugar for me, I started eating a high fat macro based diet, fell in love with building my shoulders, back, and arms, and now squat 175lbs on a regular basis.

I’ve added over 2 inches of size on my thighs and glutes, and over 1 inch on my biceps. I’ve gained 8 lbs in muscle and am down to 19% body fat. Solid fucking growth for someone who always struggled to maintain 118 lbs for most of her life, if you ask me.

But have I been 100% on my diet and workouts? Nope.

I’d say I was about 75% on my diet and 90% on my training. Looking back at the past 365 days and seeing the progress I’ve made and the strength and mass I’ve created I can’t help but ask myself, “where would I be if I stayed 100% disciplined?” Well, we’re going to find out.

I’m not going to drop my goals here in a “new year” post for you, you’ll see my results as I keep putting in the work and turn up the heat on it all.

Stay tuned. It’s just getting better from here.

I also wanted to note that I share much more of my fitness journey over on my Instagram so follow me there if you want to see more regular updates.

P.s. My fitness journey started two years ago. I’ve been diligent about figuring out what works for me in diet and training for two years. That is 730 days of choosing every day to focus on this mission. Thats 730 of choosing this lifestyle. So before you say “oh, I couldn’t look like that” ask yourself how many days you’ve been consistently committed to it?

You CAN build the change, you just have to do the work every day.