How Did I Do All This?

How Did I Do All This?

How did you get so good at writing?
How did you start your business?
How did you gain muscle?
How did you create an audience?
How did you start making money online?
How did you get organized?
How did you clear up your skin?
How did you create inner peace finally?
How did you deal with that loss?
How did you prepare for that growth?
How do you know so much about mindset and money and magick and planning and marketing and and and and….

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Growth is a never ending process.

Just because you start seeing results, doesn’t mean you’ve “made it” or can back off from the work you’ve been doing everyday to get to those results.

The growth only continues if you do. It only keeps happy and sticks around as your new normal if you keep working and stay dedicated.

Keep your eye on the prize.

Not because the old you is bad, but because there’s always room for expansion and improvement and growth.

Throughout my experiences, it’s when we’re committed to growth the most that we are truly open to the beauty of this life. It’s only then that we can wholeheartedly experience things that make life worth living. Continue reading “Growth…”