Sunday mornings have always been special to me. The vibe is different. It’s always fun and calm and effortless.

This morning I was walking around the house doing random tasks. Putting dishes away, switching around laundry, making coffee, aimlessly walking around out in the yard with the dogs, lighting candles in the living room, all kinds of calm, effortless things that make me smile. Continue reading “Sundays”


Random thought..

So, random thought. I’ve lived alone for about 6 months now, well me and my powerhouse boston terrier, Bonnie. and I honestly love it. Its pretty fantastic to have your own space, that’s just yours. You can leave your stuff wherever you want it and no one can say a thing. Its your house. Anyways, my point is I have only found 3 things that I do NOT like about living alone (the reasons are three fold! {if you get that joke, i love you}) Continue reading “Random thought..”