8 Years Ago

8 Years Ago

This weekend marks 8 years since I finally walked away (Originally written May 25).

Man, sometimes it feels like 15 and other times it feels like it was an entirely different lifetime altogether.

For years I would never admit this part to anyone that wasn’t actually present for the mess that was my life at the moment but I originally left in December. It wasn’t until the end of May that I was finally, finally, really really really left. Like left left. Never turned back. Never had another conversation. And the really interesting part is, I literally have no seen his face or heard his voice since that day.

It’s interesting because for more than half of these past 8 years, we lived ridiculously close to one another. Still in the same town, hell..almost on the same damn street and never once did I run into him or see him somewhere.

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Hero of the Story

16649151_10154898805820797_7240505634582737800_nI’ve always been quick to love and when I love, I give my everything. I remember being around 19 years old, feeling heartbroken and disappointed yet again by some guy who wasn’t man enough to be what I needed in a partner (or whatever that looked like to my 19 year old self).

Each time this happened, it pushed me to build what I wanted and be dependent on no one for anything. I got stronger every single time. My skin got thicker and it was at that age that I first fell in love with this quote:

I am the hero of this story, I don’t need to be saved.
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