What Do You Do For Fun?

What Do You Do For Fun?

“What do you do for fun?”
To be honest, that question always throws me. I know it’s one of the go-to’s when people are trying to get to know someone or reconnecting with a lost friend or acquaintance but it’s a question that I tend to normally cringe at. Maybe it’s the dreaded small talk, but maybe it’s not.

I found myself faced with this question recently in an innocent conversation while reconnecting with someone and I thought to myself, “Wait, what DO I do for fun?”

“Do I even have fun?”

As I continued to question myself I thought, “Oh shit… Maybe I don’t actually have fun. What am I doing with myself? Damn, am I this boring person who does nothing?” Continue reading “What Do You Do For Fun?”




Happiness is a choice.

I say that a lot and people who battle depression and/or anxiety tell me I’m wrong. That the choice of happiness is out of their control. Being someone who deals with anxiety, I understand how much more difficult it is to flip your mindset when these emotions try to take over.

And sometimes it wins. Sometimes you can’t shut it up in time and you go into a spiral of doubt and guilt and questioning everything. Even if you logically know none of what your emotions are telling you is at all truth, it’s still very present and grows almost at a rapid rate.
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Keep Shining

Keep Shining

I feel like I keep repeating this in my head daily; “Not everyone wants to see your light”.

But that doesn’t mean you should let “them” keep you from shining.

It’s not your job to MAKE them see, or keep them from covering their eyes. It’s your job to stand in the place of your truth and shine. No matter what.

It doesn’t mean that you let their negativity darken your light either.
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end rant.

Is happiness with someone else in my life even an option for me? I cannot help but ask myself this….No matter what situation I allow myself to get involved in I always search for something that is wrong, something that makes me run away. but when there is a situation in front of me that is obviously a bad idea and is clearly something I should run from, I can’t seem to make myself do it. Maybe it’s the stubborn in me that makes me want to always prove a point. Or maybe I just have to figure it out on my own. I have always learned every lesson in life the hard way but why? I’m not stupid, I can normally see this shit from a mile away. Why must I always jump in anyways? It all goes back to “Well maybe he sees how amazing I am, maybe this will be one in a million, that fairy tale” It sucks to admit that no matter how strong I am or I seem to be I am still guilty of the stereo-typical Disney story ideas. Its pathetic. Continue reading “end rant.”