Half The Strength

Half The Strength

No one ever talks about how mentally difficult it is when you find yourself back in the gym and only having half the strength you used to.

It’s a serious struggle. In an instant you can find yourself feeling dumb, embarrassed, weak, angry, frustrated.

“How did I let this happen?”

It can be paralyzing if you let it. And honestly, several times lately I have let that voice win. And due to that, I started feeling worse. Continue reading “Half The Strength”


Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter

I never liked working out, not at all. But I still went.

I’ve been going at least 3 times every week for a year now.

Why? Because I made a commitment to myself to take better care of my body.

I made a commitment to do whatever was necessary to FEEL better.

Looking better was just an added bonus. Continue reading “Mind Over Matter”