Establishing Deeply Rooted Purpose

Establishing Deeply Rooted Purpose

Too many people make resolutions because they think that’s what we’re “supposed to do” this time of year but the truth is, that belief is way OFF.

What we should be doing this time of year is a mixture of reflection, connecting in with how we really want our lives to be, and how we can set the tone to make that actually happen.

Not through goal making but through intention setting. Through establishing some deeply rooted purpose and direction around how you’re wanting your new year to be.

We have the power to create just that and in turn, be able to truly bob and weave as needed throughout the year. And if 2020 taught us anything, it’s that being able to pivot is a necessity.

If any of this is resonating, my newest program is for you.

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During the weeks approaching the new year, there is a lot of pressure out there to make the right choice when it comes to goals. It seems like the majority is saying that if you don’t make massive goals then you’re not going to achieve any growth and/or success.
The pressure gets louder than the purpose and as a result, a lot of us are left feeling overwhelmed, like we’re not doing enough, and a bit hopeless.

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How Finding Peace Made Her More Money

How Finding Peace Made Her More Money



I first hired Jamie almost a year ago. I talk often about the shifts she’s helped me make in my business, because those are the most tangible and easiest to explain.

I had this business idea when I first spoke with her that I had no idea how to execute… we hit my “long term, where I see this business at its peak” goal so long ago, that my original “long term” goal feels like a joke at this point. I’m hitting in a month close to what I used to hit in a year.

And believe it or not, business is the LEAST of what Jamie has helped me improve in my life. I don’t say that for drama – it’s the actual truth.

I had been watching Jamie’s content for over a year before I hired her. She had me intrigued with all this mindset stuff she talked about. I believed in all of it, but I believed it for other people. I didn’t believe I’d ever be capable of operating my life in that way, but it was cool to read her stories. Continue reading “How Finding Peace Made Her More Money”

How I Started My Business

How I Started My Business

“Building an online business and brand online with nothing to start with, that’s a whole different breed”.

I get a lot of questions asking me how I started my business.

So I start going into how I saw a need for event promotions and staffing that was actually organized and I took it. But you see, that’s not the answer anyone is looking for… They want to know how I started my ONLINE business. Which makes sense because now, 95% of my income comes from my virtual business.
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My Goal is to GAIN

My Goal is to GAIN

Every time I weigh in at the gym and the number goes down, I get pissed. No one around me, except my trainer gets it. They all look at me like I’m crazy… Because apparently since I’m a woman, that must mean I only have goals to lose weight and be skinnier.

Nope. Couldn’t be more wrong.

We have worked VERY hard over the past year or so to get a plan in place that keeps me gaining. Because I was too skinny (not a luxury at all, so don’t even say it) I was sick. I wasn’t comfortable in my skin. I was weak. I was unhealthy. It wasn’t a good thing.
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All I’ve seen over the past week is people talking about how terrible 2016 was to them… here on my thoughts on that;

I’m sure some bad shit happened to you in 2016, but what about the good shit? Are you so far removed from the present that you can’t see the good around you too?

Look around, you’re alive. Life is good. You just have to choose to see it.

And before you start bitching about what you didn’t get done, goals you didn’t accomplish, or the weight you wanted to loose but didn’t… think about why not? Why didn’t you get those things? Why are you still in the same spot at you were December 30, 2015?

Did you take action? Or just talk shit?
Did you DO SOMETHING to try and get a different outcome?

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