Open Your Eyes

Open Your Eyes

Sometimes our eyes are opened for us.
Sometimes we’re put into a situation, unexpectedly that changes our perspective and shifts our focus for a moment.
It reminds us of something we wanted, or loved or felt.
Maybe it’s something we pushed down, something we swept under the rug and convinced ourselves we didn’t need at all…simply because it was easier to tell ourselves the story that we didn’t need it instead of waking up every day feeling a void.
And we’re really good story tellers when we need to be (well, at least I am). So, we don’t even realize that we’re missing it in the first place. Continue reading “Open Your Eyes”

Glamorous Life

Oh, the glamorous life of an Entrepreneur…

Everyone wants to be one.

It’s super cool.

You can build a million dollar business in 90 days. Don’t you know? You see the ads, right? That must be real.

Everyone likes to show you the highlight reel. They like to talk about the victories or the things that work.

They like to take pictures with Lambos and Rolexes and tell you about how successful they are.

But what no one tells you is, that isn’t even their car or their watch. And in the very rare occasion that it’s not a rental, I can guarantee you they busted their asses to get it.
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Live Life On Purpose

Live Life On Purpose

Do you remember that scene in Sweet Home Alabama where Reese Witherspoon’s character is sitting in the coon dog cemetery and she looks up at Jake and tells him how she loves her life in New York but then she goes back to her home town and that just fits too?

Well that’s how I feel.

That’s how I’ve always felt. Continue reading “Live Life On Purpose”