Letting it all go saved my life…

Letting It All Go Saved My Life

Letting it all go saved my life.

I remember being overwhelmed, worrying about how I was going to get it all done, how was I going to possibly please everyone in my life?
It was SO important to me that I never let anyone down.

I could be disappointed by them on the regular, but I would not allowed myself to let anyone else down. I promised the world, said YES to everything, and would literally KILL myself trying to please EVERYONE around me. Continue reading “Letting it all go saved my life…”

Quit Hiding Behind “THE LIST”

Quit Hiding Behind “THE LIST”


Quit hiding behind your “To-Do List”

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m the queen of lists… BUT too many of us get so caught up in constructing the PERFECT list that that’s all they do…Make Lists.

List making doesn’t get you money or content or or or.. Well, anything except a list, and a little piece of mind. BUT that’s not really what you’re looking for, now is it?

So you get it all down on paper, you’re ready to start taking action and guess what? The day is over or you’re out of time or your appointment is about to start. Damn, no action taken yet…. Continue reading “Quit Hiding Behind “THE LIST””

What’s stopping you?


Orville Wright didn’t have a pilot’s license.

That didn’t stop him from making history.
That didn’t stop him from following his dream.
That didn’t stop him from pushing the status quo.