Where I Came From

Where I Came From

I was 17 the first time I started running the office of a business.

I remember getting the phone call from my boyfriend at the time who had found himself sitting in a pile of paperwork at year-end, saying… “I need some help.”

He was a few years older than me and had been running a successful business for a couple of years at that point but was handling all of the office work by himself and as it tends to work out, things grow and it becomes more than just one person can handle.

You see, I had been working at the local veterinary clinic for a few years at that point and was in charge of a lot of paperwork, invoicing, sales transactions, etc. So I had sufficient experience to start organizing and getting a system put into place within his business. Continue reading “Where I Came From”


An Open Letter to People Always Looking for a Discount

An Open Letter to People Always Looking for a Discount

Did you know that you’re actually cheating yourself before you even get started?

You can’t have it for free AND expect to get results, it doesn’t work that way.

Here’s the deal guys…the internet is exploding with free information. Anything you want to learn, you can. It’s at your fingertips. Trust me, I’ve done it. I learned how to build websites, create promo images, how to properly use every project management tool I know, and a ton other things that I’ve ‘self taught’ through free information that is available online.

You want to know why the majority of people STILL don’t make shit happen even though the information is readily available to them?

BECAUSE THEY’RE LAZY. That’s why. Continue reading “An Open Letter to People Always Looking for a Discount”

Connection Doesn’t Know Time

Connection Doesn’t Know Time

Connection doesn’t know time.

Experience doesn’t recognize time. Your soul doesn’t care about time. It connects when it’s meant to connect. It loves when it’s meant to love. It draws you to an experience because it needs it.

Your soul knows what you need better than you ever will. Trust in that.

Don’t let time or lack thereof allow you to belittle a feeling, a connection, or an experience. Don’t underestimate the impact that one single moment can have on you. Continue reading “Connection Doesn’t Know Time”