Quit Shoulding All Over Yourself

Quit Shoulding All Over Yourself

We’ve all fallen into the cycle of saying YES too much, sometimes we don’t know how to break it.  In my latest podcast episode, we talk about how to increase your self-awareness to start serving yourself in a better way. But what about the part where we do things a certain way because we think we’re “supposed to” ? Nobody seems to talk about the limits we place on ourselves or the ones that life has placed on us that we don’t even recognize sometimes. 

Welp- in this episode we do just that! 

Dive into the conversation of how to start really going deeper into living life on your terms.

Check it out now:

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Being Vulnerable

Being Vulnerable

Being vulnerable never gets easier, even when it becomes your active way of engaging.

The thing that I find to be most challenging about vulnerability is letting go of the reaction others may have to it.

It can be crushing to be vulnerable, to really put yourself out there with someone only to have them turn away or choose that it’s too much.

But you have to remember two things…
1. You’re not doing this for them. Being vulnerable is a pure act of self love and living in your own truth, no matter what.

2. Someone’s reaction to you has absolutely nothing to do with you and has everything to do with them, their own situation, possibly their own fears, and the filter they choose to see life through.

So, you cannot take it personally.

Instead, you allow yourself to feel whatever feelings come up, honor them, dissect them if needed but then remind yourself how courageous you are and that vulnerability is a super power.

Keep going.
Keep growing.
Those you are meant to be with along the way will cherish the rawness of you, not run from it.

I Know My Worth

I Know My Worth

I know my worth and last year I made a promise to myself that I would no longer allow anyone to be part time (or half-in) in my world. It’s either we’re in it or we’re not.

I’m not a fan of being something that’s only used when it’s convenient.

We don’t do lukewarm over here anymore.

And while I trust myself and honor that choice, it was difficult to implement and enforce at the beginning… until it became one of the most freeing things I’ve ever done. Continue reading “I Know My Worth”

Deciding Where To Invest Your Money

Deciding Where To Invest Your Money

Deciding to invest money in yourself is a strange kind of dance sometimes.

It’s usually a little scary (whether you care to admit it or not) and accompanied by thoughts or worries like “what if it doesn’t work?”

And the truth is, that question has nothing to do with the money, the coach, or education piece… and it has everything to do with YOU.

When you’re making an investment in a Coach, furthering your education, or growth, you’re ultimately investing in yourself.

You’re betting on your ability to follow through, your desire to learn and expand, your commitment to doing the work and showing up day after day.
Continue reading “Deciding Where To Invest Your Money”

Building Teams

Building Teams

When your team becomes your family.

It’s been such an interesting ride in building a virtual business these past 5 years. I remember when the thought of working with a coach or subcontractor that I’d never met before felt so foreign, or temporary.

Looking back I realize that due to the way I originally learned that business was “supposed” to be, that is where those beliefs came from.

“Good help is hard to find”
“Finding someone who is reliable is almost impossible”
“Sometimes you just need to find a warm body to fill the chair”

These are all things that I’m sure we’ve all heard a time or two when working in a management position or owning a business. These are things that we believe to be true because, well that’s what everyone says is true.
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Be Willing To Bite

Be Willing To Bite

I pull a card from my beautiful friend Jayme Hanna’s deck and this was the message for me.

Be willing to bite.

As I drove home I pondered all of the ways that statement of encouragement rang true in my world right now.

Several days later, the thoughts are still lingering (that’s when you know the message was really meant for you, when it sticks around for a long while).
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My Skin

My Skin

My skin. What I at one time proclaimed to be my worst enemy is now something I’m really working on loving.

It sounds like something easy to do, a switch you can flip but it’s proven to be a lot more challenging than I expected.

You see, I realized that I was being incredibly unfair to myself. The voice in my head had a very strong opinion that there was some thing wrong with my skin and it had to be fixed. Continue reading “My Skin”

Being Multifaceted

Being Multifaceted

Contrary to what you may be limiting yourself to believe about your own capabilities, just because you’re “great” at one thing doesn’t mean that you can’t be great at several things.

Personally, I am extremely multifaceted. I’m not saying that to be boastful, I’m just stating what I know to be a fact. I acknowledge the things that I am extremely good at, even if they don’t make sense to you. Even if they are not in what your business book tells you make sense for one person to excel at. And I also equally acknowledge the things that are not my forte.

A couple day ago I was greeted with a super fun conclusion made by someone that because I am skilled in one area that means I’m not qualified in another OR “shouldn’t be doing that” and I honestly laughed so hard. It’s astonishing to me how people put things into so many boxes so quickly.
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Creating Space and Keeping It

Creating Space and Keeping It

There’s a lot of buzz around clearing space these days and personally, I’m stoked about that. In a world that has idealized the act of being busy and hustle, it’s important that people are talking about the massive value of creating some space to live life according to how you want to really be living your life. 


Creating space mentally, physically, emotionally, and energetically allows you to be so much more self-aware and also provides the ability to be proactive in all areas versus reactive. And in a world that’s praising busy and reactive, the real power lies in the ability to be PROACTIVE. 

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Actively Changing Hearts & Minds

Actively Changing Hearts & Minds

A woman who is actively changing hearts and minds.

That sounds much better than “influencer” if you ask me.

When I first was put in a position to be able to be heard, I took it seriously. When I first realized that I could teach and help people learn a position or approach something differently, I took it seriously.

It all started in other peoples businesses. It started with training people for support positions, creating processes that served the organization as a whole and then empowering people to take responsibility for their own actions and the roles they were playing. Continue reading “Actively Changing Hearts & Minds”