The Well vs. The Sink

The Well vs. The Sink

Do you ever have a moment when listening to or reading something where it’s like a bell goes off in your head that screams “THIS!” 


Maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about or even talking about behind closed doors for a while but once you hear it from someone else’s mouth you know that the universe put that message in front of you for a reason. Because YOU are meant to speak on it. 

I got that ding 3x in the same day regarding how the reason people aren’t winning is that they’re spending all of their time building a house of cards instead of looking at their foundation. 

All of the work and energy are going to building and keeping up a facade, or “faking it until you make it” so there’s nothing left to put into the foundation. The foundation gets ignored and eventually, the house of cards build on top of it falls down too and then what? 

Well, that entire process fuels self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and mental exhaustion. What if we stopped trying to fake it and started looking at our own shit instead? What if we took building or repairing our foundation FIRST as the number one priority? 

This is something I am SO passionate about. This is why I created the Intentional Living lessons in the first place and THIS is why I’m doing the podcast. Because it’s simply not talked about enough. And those who are talking about it, aren’t giving people sustainable things they can start doing in their own lives to make the change. Or START! 

Which brings me to Episode 3 of my Lifestyle Creation Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss the concept of creating a solid foundation versus a house of cards. 

Real talk, it’s become a really cool thing to “fake it til you make it” these days. In this episode we talk about how using that, as a rule, isn’t the way to live life on your terms. We go into detail about the psychological effect that has not only on your state of mind but your emotions and self-worth as well. Not to mention, how it hinders your ability to be more productive and have less stress and chaos while doing it. 

Check it out and let me know what you think!  




I am beyond grateful for your support in this project. Every listen, rating, comment, share, and like MATTER and I couldn’t be more appreciate for YOU. Thank you so much for the support. 

Much love XX


Romance Your Creativity

Romance Your Creativity

“Romance your creativity”. I remember the first time I heard this concept several years ago. I was reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert for the first time (yes, I’ve read/listened to that book well over 30 times. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you do) and I realized I had been doing that without really knowing it.

I would light a candle, put on the right music, and sit down with a great cup of coffee. The vibe was right and I’d totally get into the zone. I even did this when I was in my 9-5 when I really needed to concentrate in on a project.

Putting Yourself Out There On Social Media

Putting Yourself Out There On Social Media

Eventually it just becomes your way of being.

For years now I’ve had clients ask me how I share so much online. They tend to feel super overwhelmed by the thought of having to take photos, write posts, and share. It feels like “a lot”… not to mention that it can be scary AF to put yourself out there. Continue reading “Putting Yourself Out There On Social Media”

Open to Receiving

Open to Receiving

When you’ve been silently winning battles and totally transforming yourself knowing in your bones that everything is playing out the way it’s supposed to… even in those moments where all you want to do is to have it RIGHT NOW and it’s really hard you can still see so clearly that this is just another piece of what has to transpire in order for you to actually get that thing you want so badly in the first place… you keep the faith. You stay vibing as high as possible. You keep believing that the universe has your back and that things always happen in divine timing.

And then one day you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of what you wanted so badly and you’ll almost be scared to even allow yourself to feel giddy for fear that it might not last or might not be real. Continue reading “Open to Receiving”



A long time ago I decided I would never do calls on Fridays. I set Friday aside as a day for me to do whatever I wanted or needed to do. Sometimes that meant a day of fun, sometimes that meant catching up on all the shit that I didn’t get to the rest of the week, and sometimes I used it if someone needs to reschedule and it’s the only time that works.

Either way, it was and still is a catch all day for me and I super enjoy having it that way.

Then about a year ago a long time client of mine signed back up and Friday mornings was the only time that worked for him. So we started the schedule of Friday morning calls.

Yep, broke my own rule on that one… but here is why:

This client and I vibe so freaking well that our calls very rarely drain me. Even if they’re emotional or deep, I still walk away feeling super energized for my day. Maybe its purely the intention I put in, maybe it’s the fact that he’s awesome, or maybe it’s the fact that this guys MAKES SHIT HAPPEN. Over close to 4 years of working together I’ve watched him shift so many things into creating the exact visions he had from the first conversation we ever had. And he just keeps doing the things. Continue reading “Fridays”

10 Random Things About Me

10 Random Things About Me

1. I genuinely am concerned about the number of hours people sleep. Like, if you’re in my life and I know you’re not getting enough sleep, I will try to help you fix that. And I will also worry about it, often.

2. I am Team Android for life. Not only is it the superior phone choice, it is now about principle and I will keep my flag planted there no matter what.😜 Continue reading “10 Random Things About Me”



Security. For a lot of my life it was something I felt I desperately wanted someone else to provide but was always something I was left without every time.

So I shifted. I created patterns and habits to prevent myself from feeling that disappointment or fear. I built walls and towers to stay just far enough away that people didn’t get too close.

I would call before they had the chance to not choose me. I would make the date before anyone had to opportunity to forget or not make it a priority. I would “check in” to try and feel like I was helping but what I was really doing was fulfilling something within myself that needed to feel wanted. A desire that given the previously described habits, I never actually let anyone show up and fulfill for me in the first place. Continue reading “Security”