The Value of Time

The Value of Time

I’m not a Mom to human babies so sometimes women are quick to tell me “You can’t help me fix my schedule, you just don’t understand”.

And they are right, I do not have 2 legged children who can walk and talk and that I have to take with me everywhere I go BUT I’ve honestly NEVER tried to act like I understand OR like I can fully relate. I would never insinuate that.

But what I DO know, is that I understand valuing your time, using time blocks, preparing for shit to hit the fan, planning your “to-do” list around nap times and the potential for a toddler meltdown.

Time management is time management and chaos is chaos. But it comes down to way more than the ability to make a fancy plan and stick to it.

It comes down to your state of mind.
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My dog had a major surgery last Friday (Mac, the big pitbull one).

His rehab consists of him not walking, except short 5 minute leashed walks to potty a couple of times a day. So basically he has to sit still… all day… and night… for 4 weeks.

Um, he’s only 3 and full of energy and built like a brick shit house so he has been trying to strong-arm me every step of the way. Oh the cone, then there’s the cone. Such joy.

So my days this week have been filled with strategically planning my life around his needs. Meds 4 times a day. No visitors because he can’t get excited. And he hasn’t been sleeping through the night and when he won’t stop crying, I’ve wound up sleeping on the floor with him.
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