You’ve Got To Find What Makes You Tick

You’ve Got To Find What Makes You Tick

I often hear from people about how they have a hard time staying motivated, or consistent, or moving forward versus moving around and around in circles.

And I have many questions to get to the bottom of why that keeps happening, instead of what most expect which is for me just to throw a pre-written plan at them and tell them to just use that.

You see, cookie-cutter responses have never worked for me and it’s been my experience that they don’t really work for other people either. But most will just keep accepting that type of advice over and over, continuing to feel like they’re not making real progress (not long-lasting at least) and wondering what must be wrong with them because none of these things are working.

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The Well vs. The Sink

The Well vs. The Sink

Do you ever have a moment when listening to or reading something where it’s like a bell goes off in your head that screams “THIS!” 


Maybe it’s something you’ve been thinking about or even talking about behind closed doors for a while but once you hear it from someone else’s mouth you know that the universe put that message in front of you for a reason. Because YOU are meant to speak on it. 

I got that ding 3x in the same day regarding how the reason people aren’t winning is that they’re spending all of their time building a house of cards instead of looking at their foundation. 

All of the work and energy are going to building and keeping up a facade, or “faking it until you make it” so there’s nothing left to put into the foundation. The foundation gets ignored and eventually, the house of cards build on top of it falls down too and then what? 

Well, that entire process fuels self-doubt, anxiety, depression, and mental exhaustion. What if we stopped trying to fake it and started looking at our own shit instead? What if we took building or repairing our foundation FIRST as the number one priority? 

This is something I am SO passionate about. This is why I created the Intentional Living lessons in the first place and THIS is why I’m doing the podcast. Because it’s simply not talked about enough. And those who are talking about it, aren’t giving people sustainable things they can start doing in their own lives to make the change. Or START! 

Which brings me to Episode 3 of my Lifestyle Creation Podcast.

In this episode, we discuss the concept of creating a solid foundation versus a house of cards. 

Real talk, it’s become a really cool thing to “fake it til you make it” these days. In this episode we talk about how using that, as a rule, isn’t the way to live life on your terms. We go into detail about the psychological effect that has not only on your state of mind but your emotions and self-worth as well. Not to mention, how it hinders your ability to be more productive and have less stress and chaos while doing it. 

Check it out and let me know what you think!  




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“I am grateful for the courage to fully feel my feelings and to keep being vulnerable through it all.”

I was writing this morning and that came up.

For most of my life I never let myself be vulnerable. I never truly felt my feelings. I hid them in a busy schedule or new project. I pushed them down because God forbid I be “emotional”, the guys best friend girl isn’t emotional, don’t you know that?

I was always told how strong I was. People would always compliment me on my ability to stay strong, move forward, heal after being knocked down in some really ugly ways over the years. So that’s what I became, strong. I became the strong one. The one who didn’t let things get to her. The one who always had everything under control. The one who smiled anyway. Continue reading “Grateful”