No one is making him a Martyr

No one is making him a Martyr
Dear People who are posting about George Floyd’s rap sheet and saying things like “Why are you making HIM your martyr?” Please take a moment to read this.
First of all, let’s have a little vocabulary lesson. The word Martyr is defined as a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs.
Um… Is that what you’re seeing happen here?
Was George suffocated because of his beliefs? Is that what ANYONE is saying?
Have you seen ONE person claim that he is the shining example of what all humans should aspire to be like?

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Educating Myself

Educating Myself

As I sit down to do my planning this week, I’m doing things a little differently and so should you.

Every Sunday for, well like 10+ years I have sat down to plan out my week. At one point it was a necessity because I had like 5 jobs to keep track of, now it’s a non-negotiable because I prioritize balance above all else.

You see, I make sure there is space for clients, for work, for writing, for moving my body, for preparing my meals, for spending time with my loved ones, for learning, for being outside, for working through my apprenticeship, and this week I’m adding in specific hours to educate myself deeper on the systemic racism in this country. Continue reading “Educating Myself”