Sometimes I Miss Being An Operations Manager

Sometimes I Miss Being An Operations Manager

Sometimes I miss being an Operations Manager.

It was a job that I rose to pretty quickly and honestly, thrived at.

Not to toot my own horn or anything but I am REALLY good at managing businesses.

I still do a lot of that within the scope of coaching with many of my clients now and I’m not saying I don’t love it, because I do. I love helping people with the whole picture. Their business reflects on their personal lives, it always does. It reflects on them, on how they are treating themselves just as much as how well they are “managing” the biz. And being able to not only create the balance, but keep it is something I truly do love. It’s a gift that I am forever grateful for. Continue reading “Sometimes I Miss Being An Operations Manager”

My Heart Might Have Just Exploded

My Heart Might Have Just Exploded

Do you ever have those moments where someone says something to you, or about you and it TOTALLY catches you off guard? Like in a good way, though. In a way that makes you sit back in your chair and go “WOW”… and your heart feels like it might burst?

Yeah, that just happened to me. And I wanted to share it with you;

“I reached out to Jamie 3 years ago with the idea of something I’d never heard of before, starting a coaching business for hairstylists.

I did NOT expect her response.

When I told her my idea, she said, “I don’t think you know how quickly you can make money doing that.”

Fast forward 3 years later, and we’ve built things I never even dreamed of when I made that first phone call.

What I’ve learned, is that the magic is in the mundane. It’s the consistency of the mindset work.  It’s the journaling, creating space for quiet and rest, and visualizing. The things we are “too busy” to do are actually the things that create everything we want.

Do it for a little while and it works… and that’s when most people stop.
Do it for a long time, and it creates the foundation for a life you wouldn’t even dream possible.
Do the things Jamie teaches, consistently and unwaveringly, and watch your whole life change.”

Reading those words that a private client of mine sent brings tears to my eyes and an immense amount of pride to my heart. It’s always great to see your work… work. And to see it change someone’s life is just icing on the cake.

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“If I wouldn’t have hired you when I did, I probably wouldn’t still be alive”.

I will never forget the feeling of hearing that statement from one of my clients. It knocked me back in my seat. I remember crying when we got off the phone because of the impact he made on me during that conversation.

I didn’t know he was close to giving up on living when we started our work together.

I knew he had goals, he needed structure and we had a lot of mindset work to do, but I didn’t know suicidal thoughts were at play. During the first few months of working with a new client, we spend a lot of time going deep, like really deep into the dark shadows of self. We uncover fears and limiting patterns, unhealthy habits and space that needs room to breathe. Sometimes those are just around performance, professional growth, communication, self-worth, rebelling against structure, lacking a plan, etc. Continue reading “Impact”

Be The Change

Be The Change

There is a ripple effect that we all have the ability to play a part in, if we choose to see it. 


It’s not overwhelming. It’s not a big huge task oriented thing. It’s an agreement you make with you. And then keep making every day. 


I’ve always believed in the statement “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. I believe that leading by example is the best and most effective way to lead. I believe that that committing to live of integrity is the way to impacting your our life and that of others. And I believe that we must learn to control what we can control. 

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Do you only leave reviews when you’re unpleased?

When something didn’t go your way or you feel like you were mistreated?

It seems that there is a large group of people who only utilize the review option online when they are pissed and need to rip an establishment a new one over something.

Is that you?

Or do you leave reviews when you have a GOOD experience too? Continue reading “Reviews”



Having a ring side seat to watch my clients win is something I’ll never get tired of witnessing.

It’s truly an honor.

It’s an honor to be entrusted with their most vulnerable moments, their fears, their worries, their losses, and their moments they see as “not good enough” or not making it.

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How Did I Do All This?

How Did I Do All This?

How did you get so good at writing?
How did you start your business?
How did you gain muscle?
How did you create an audience?
How did you start making money online?
How did you get organized?
How did you clear up your skin?
How did you create inner peace finally?
How did you deal with that loss?
How did you prepare for that growth?
How do you know so much about mindset and money and magick and planning and marketing and and and and….

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No one is making him a Martyr

No one is making him a Martyr
Dear People who are posting about George Floyd’s rap sheet and saying things like “Why are you making HIM your martyr?” Please take a moment to read this.
First of all, let’s have a little vocabulary lesson. The word Martyr is defined as a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs.
Um… Is that what you’re seeing happen here?
Was George suffocated because of his beliefs? Is that what ANYONE is saying?
Have you seen ONE person claim that he is the shining example of what all humans should aspire to be like?

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Educating Myself

Educating Myself

As I sit down to do my planning this week, I’m doing things a little differently and so should you.

Every Sunday for, well like 10+ years I have sat down to plan out my week. At one point it was a necessity because I had like 5 jobs to keep track of, now it’s a non-negotiable because I prioritize balance above all else.

You see, I make sure there is space for clients, for work, for writing, for moving my body, for preparing my meals, for spending time with my loved ones, for learning, for being outside, for working through my apprenticeship, and this week I’m adding in specific hours to educate myself deeper on the systemic racism in this country. Continue reading “Educating Myself”

Finding the Joy

Finding the Joy

A couple of years ago someone asked me what brought me joy and honestly, I froze. I didn’t know what to say. I wasn’t sure how to answer that question at all.

I mean, my business brought me joy, my clients made me happy, my successes we’re great but actual JOY? I was fresh out of ideas.

So, I started down this path of seeking job in all of the little moments that occur. Mix that with gratitude and it’s proving to be a very rewarding experience to create.

So I ask you, how much are you leaving on the table without joy?

The truth is, probably a LOT.  Continue reading “Finding the Joy”