Overspent Energy

Overspent Energy

**Originally Published January 24th, 2020**

I overspent my energy this week.

It doesn’t mean I overbooked or was too “busy” because that is actually a very different thing.

A while back my therapist told me about how she plans her week, which of course being the planner enthusiast that I am, I was all ears for some insight on how someone else does it. One thing that she explained is how she budgets her energy between the different responsibilities she has. Meaning she determined how many clients she was going to see that week/day based on the other obligations or activities she was going to have as well. She wanted to make sure she wasn’t spending all of her allotted energy on work, leaving an empty tank for her family when she got home. Continue reading “Overspent Energy”

Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect

“I’m so happy for you! So many good things are happening in your life right now!”

Last week, I was given this message three times in less than two days and honestly, I was a little taken back by it. They were right, things are starting to fall in place for me in all areas and move forward and are super good but why didn’t I see it?

Well, the truth is, I DID, in fact, see it. I can clearly see the spaces where my work continues to pay off. I can clearly see where the Universe is delivering. I can clearly see where my own healing and release allowed space for more joy to come to me. I can clearly feel the difference.

So why was I so shocked when I heard someone point it out to me?

I’ve been pondering on this for a few days and here’s what I believe to be the case; Continue reading “Ripple Effect”

Shine in All Your Glory

Shine in All Your Glory


If I had a dollar for every time I heard that…. I’d own an island.

“You’re just too much.”
“Do you even know what you want?”
“How can you expect that?”

“Why do you need more than what you have right now?”

I was told these things most of my life. I was made to feel like I was out of line for wanting the things that I wanted. I was made to feel like I was “too much” when I would fully express myself as who I am at my core. So it’s no wonder that I spent most of my life trying to tone it down. Continue reading “Shine in All Your Glory”