High Performers

High Performers

I remember being told that balance didn’t exist. That if I wanted to truly build something I just had to keep my head down and do the work.


Good thing I don’t always follow instructions because that would have never worked. When I did try to operate that way back when I was working a “day job”, it landed me in the hospital more times than one.

The truth is, craving that balance has led me down one of the best paths I could have imagined and as a result, I get to share it with other people so that they can have it too. Continue reading “High Performers”

Balancing It All

Balancing It All

While watching a show about modern-day ranchers in British Columbia, I became fully engulfed in this conversation where a Native American horse trainer was explaining how humans are like the 4 directions (North, South, East, West), rooted in those 4 directions are the 4 aspects of self. The 4 pieces that make us up as a whole: Emotions, Physical Body, Mind, and Spirit.

And he goes on to explain how the trickiest part is keeping them all balanced. And if one side of the wheel is out, all sides are out and we end up walking around in circles or falling over completely. But when we stand in center of our lives we can find balance and connect with others in the best way.

This is EXACTLY what I spent 2 days teaching at my live event earlier this summer. This is exactly the topic I love speaking about most.

Nothing makes me happier than listening to the stories and teachings of different cultures from so many different walks of life and so many different lifetimes/centuries and seeing how similar so many of them are. Continue reading “Balancing It All”

The Work Comes First

The Work Comes First


Yes, you have freedom. Yes, you have balance. Yes, you run your own business, Yippee!

But you guys… you don’t get to go enjoy them if you’re NOT DOING THE WORK, not if you want to keep them at least.

The work must come first.

I’m not saying it’s the most important thing… well, maybe I am. Continue reading “The Work Comes First”

Keeping the Balance

Keeping the Balance

I struggle with keeping the balance. I know it’s possible because I DO create it. I know that I operate better when I’m in a place of balance but the truth is, I must work hard at it.

You see, my instinct is to work my fingers to the bone until I can’t stand any more.

That’s what I’ve always known. I come from a world of hard working, blue collar badasses who work from sun up to sun down and don’t ever complain once because they do what they gotta do.
Continue reading “Keeping the Balance”

Multiple choice

Multiple choice

“The 10 commandments aren’t multiple choice”.

I was driving down the street a couple days ago and saw that written on a sign in front of a church.

I immediately thought, “That goes the same for Core 4”.

It’s not a multiple choice question.

You don’t get to just pick one and only focus on it and think that life is going to be peachy.

You don’t get to master one and then move to the next, no longer working on the first one and think that everything is going to still flow.

That’s not how it works.

They all fit together.

They all feed off each other. Continue reading “Multiple choice”