Wednesday I booked a flight. Thursday I jumped on a plane.

I landed in Vegas without much of a plan. I knew I needed to drive to some small town in the middle of the desert by Friday morning but that’s it. That’s all I knew.

I didn’t know a time.
I didn’t know the place to meet.
I didn’t know where I was going to sleep or what to expect.

And for the girl who always has a super detailed plan, this was weird… at first. BUT the moment I sat on that plane I felt something different…. I felt FREE.

And that feeling stayed all weekend. I felt completely free. Continue reading “Freedom”



The next two weeks are going to be hectic. Well, they have the potential to be.

I have to pack up my life for 14 days to head to Tony’s. We have appointments, 2 formal events to attend, and all kinds of other things to get handled.

Then I come home for 1 day before leaving again to jet off to Utah for 5 days for an event and to visit some friends.

That’s a lot of packing.

Most people would put it off. They would procrastinate and then panic. They would let things slide and allow the difference in normal routine to throw them completely off course without even thinking twice about it. Continue reading “Preparation”

Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul

For as long as I can remember I would think about being somewhere else. I would envision myself on a beach somewhere, totally calm and totally at peace. Or sitting on the porch of a cabin looking out over a beautiful valley, breathing in crisp mountain air. Continue reading “Feed Your Soul”

Business Women

Business Women

Business women are starting to look a lot different than what you’re used to.

We wear yoga pants and comfy shoes to the airport.

We come equipped with nice handbags and you’ll never catch us without a power pack for our devices.

Yes, we’re always on our phones but we’re not just texting our girlfriends or cruising social media.. We’re making deals, connections, and money with every strike of our thumbs.

We travel alone with confidence. Continue reading “Business Women”

How to Plan for Vacation Entrepreneur Style

Plan Vacation Blog Title ImagePlanning when you’re the chick that never travels…..

Traveling is something I’ve always wanted to do, yet has been something that I have done very little of in my life. Other than 100 trips to the lake which is only couple of hours away from home, I can count on both hands how many vacations I’ve taken in my 28 years.

At the beginning of 2016 I set high goals!
Goals to travel as much as possible and I’ve planned 5 trips for the year!

But then the home-body in me started to freak the hell out!
   Who’s going to take care of my house?
   What about the dogs?
   What about my fitness/nutrition?
   What about my BUSINESS?!?! Continue reading “How to Plan for Vacation Entrepreneur Style”