Home and Relationships

Home and Relationships

In the Get Shit Done Group we had a conversation about Home and Relationships.

We talked about what kind of person we wanted to be for the people we love. What kind of person we were bringing to the table in our business relationships.

Have you ever thought about that? Continue reading “Home and Relationships”


Leaders and Teams

Leaders and Teams

Running businesses you will always run into people that just don’t work. And what I mean by that is, they don’t do their job. They are full of excuses, they don’t meet deadlines, and something tragic or life altering is always happening that stops them from accomplishing the thing they’ve told you they understand and are ready to take on.

And then…they don’t. Again. Continue reading “Leaders and Teams”

As you head into the New Year…

As you head into the New Year…

A good coach picks you…not the other way around.

A good coach doesn’t just jump into a deal with you just because youre ready to pay them. They don’t take your money before seeing if you’re a good fit.

A good coach is picky about who they choose to work with.

Yes, you may be hiring them and you’re the one giving them your money but to a good coach, its about more than that.

It’s just as much their decision to work with you as it is yours to work with them. Continue reading “As you head into the New Year…”

Is something affecting your productivity?

Is something affecting your productivity?

Your house is a mess but you don’t think that’s affecting your productivity? Well guess again. Continue reading “Is something affecting your productivity?”

Hiring a Personal Assistant

Hiring a Personal Assistant

“Hiring a personal assistant? Great that means you’re going to have so much more free time! “

I just kind of sat there staring as I heard that statement.. I’m pretty sure I even tilted my head a little like a dog does when you ask them if they want to go outside. I know my facial expression couldn’t hide the look of sheer confusion on my face.

An assistant is going to give me free time? Is this really what you think? Continue reading “Hiring a Personal Assistant”

Is your schedule sucking the life out of you?

So you’re schedule SUCKS

You haven’t had time to enjoy your summer yet

You’re always scrambling to find enough time for EVERYTHING

You feel guilty when you have to sacrifice family time for work.

You feel guilty when you have to sacrifice work time for family.

You push Mondays tasks to Tuesday… then to Wednesday… then before you know it, It’s Friday…

The overwhelm starts to set in. Continue reading “Is your schedule sucking the life out of you?”

Attention: Automotive Friends.Vendors & Biz Owners…

So your work is busy and it’s chaotic.

You hear what I say about NOT running around like a crazy person and NOT working 100 hours a week and YOU THINK I’M FULL OF SHIT.

It’s okay. You can admit it. Continue reading “Attention: Automotive Friends.Vendors & Biz Owners…”