I Run the Boy’s Club

I Run the Boy’s Club


Yes, I’ve run it for years. I’ve run it in different industries, in countless boardrooms, meetings, events, and shops. And I’m fucking good at it.

Please don’t be fooled by the big boobs, flowing hair, makeup, and smiles.

Being kind and compassionate doesn’t mean that I am just some little girl, dabbling. Continue reading “I Run the Boy’s Club”

Being an Entrepreneur is Hard Work

Being an Entrepreneur is Hard Work

Here’s the truth: This is HARD.

Not hard like “ooo adulting is hard” bullshit bitching about how you have to wash your own clothes or cook your own food. I’m talking about real shit.

Being an entrepreneur is fucking hard.

I’m talking hard like I have to pay all of my bills, and then pay the business expenses, and then pay my team so they can pay their bills,
then my run my clients teams so they can pay their bills, then pay me,and pay their own teams. Peoples lively-hood being my responsibility kind of hard. Continue reading “Being an Entrepreneur is Hard Work”

Build Your Empire

Build Your Empire

“Build Your Empire”… WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN??
I say it a lot, I’m not going to lie. But I was just thinking about it today and I wonder if anyone actually knows what it means.

It’s thrown around… A LOT.

Like “hustle” and “authentic”, it’s become a super sexy phrase to use. But just like those other words its meaning has gotten twisted.

Or has it?

Because let’s be real, HUSTLE means something totally different to me than it does to other people. I still use the word but not in the context that a lot of people do now. I hustle out work every day, but on my terms. That doesn’t mean I’m hunched over a desk in a dark room miserable for 12 hours a day.

Am I working 12 hours a day? Ya sometimes. But it’s in the car. On the patio. In my bed snuggled with my pups. It’s at the coffee shop. In the line at the grocery store. Sitting at a table sipping wine. Continue reading “Build Your Empire”



That’s it… I need an UPGRADE.

I need more people in my life that are actually DOING SHIT, not just talking about it.

I feel like I have 20 conversations everyday where someone tells me what they “need to do” or meant to do. And it’s like an instant downer for me.

Like Energy SUCKED right out of me because I instantly think, “Didn’t you tell me this last week?” or last month for that matter….
Continue reading “Upgrade”

Don’t Hide Your Passion

Don’t Hide Your Passion

If you’re one of those people who strut around with your chest puffed out proclaiming; “I don’t have a care in the world”. You’ll instantly lose my attention.

What a cowardly thing to do, to just NOT care.

Which is absolute bullshit, by the way.

You DO care about something. You probably care about a lot of things actually but the fact that you hide them tells me a lot about you. Continue reading “Don’t Hide Your Passion”

Better Men

Better Men

To all of my friends who are waking up everyday, putting in the work to be better men:

Immediately responding to someone asking a question or sharing their opinion with your “snowflake” related comment is actually doing the exact opposite.

It does not make you funny.

It does not make you Sean Whalen
(who is one if my favorite humans, so I’m not talking shit here)

It does not make you a lighthouse.

It makes you Continue reading “Better Men”