My Stalker

My Stalker

“Because despite all the IG posts and feel good hashtags, you know you’re a fucking failure.”

That’s a line out of the the latest love letter from my stalker I received recently. This same woman has been creating fake accounts and email addresses for years to try and get to me.

It started years ago when I took a permanent stance as the woman on the arm of a “local celebrity” that she thought was supposed to be hers. From numerous letters in the mail, to texts from ghost numbers, to calls at my old place of employment telling me that she found my dog on the side of the highway, to over 20 fake social media accounts created in order to keep tabs on me, you name it… she’s done it.

When this email came through, I literally laughed out loud. Then instantly moved it into the folder labeled “stalkers” I have in my inbox that holds all of the hate mail I have received over the years. Continue reading “My Stalker”




You are your worst critic.

You can work to flip it but it will still creep in. You just can’t let it stop you.

We are all hard on ourselves…it happens… And if you have an entrepreneurial brain, you know it happens daily. We are wired to never be satisfied with what we’ve accomplished. We never feel like it’s “enough”. Being hard on yourself is a double-edged sword. On one hand, it keeps you motivated to prove yourself and everyone around you wrong, but on the other hand, it can also be a huge weight on your shoulders that drags you down (*if you let it).

How do you keep from getting discouraged?
How do you keep from being weighed down?
How do you stay positive and moving forward?
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Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself

What if you focused more on trusting yourself than looking around for answers?

What you need to know is inside you. It always is. But we tend to spend all of our time looking to other people for answers instead.

Why? Because trusting yourself is scary.

Perhaps it is because when you seek the answers from someone else and they turn out to be wrong, you have someone else to blame than yourself.

That feels better, right? To blame someone else? Continue reading “Trust Yourself”

It’s Going To Be Worth It

It’s Going To Be Worth It

Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that it’s all going to be worth it.

Even if no one else believes it.
Even if you feel like you’re in it alone.

Remind yourself it is YOUR life. YOUR dream.

No one else will ever build it for you.

And the quicker you realize that you have to count on only yourself to build this, the quicker you’ll start making progress.

Yes, it’s a heavy weight sometimes and you’ll have to remind yourself regularly, sometimes on the daily that it will all be worth it.

That the juice will be worth the squeeze if you stick with it.

I think this is the part where most people give up or give in. The moments when you’re up late, cranking out some work with no one else around. Or skipping that event to get a project wrapped up before the deadline.

It makes you second guess it. It makes you feel a little lonely sometimes. It makes you wonder if anyone will ever be down to share in this life with you.

But it’s in those moments that you get to choose.

You get to choose once again to follow your dream. To be your own damn hero and make it happen.

Because every time you choose YOU, your fire gets bigger. Your light gets brighter. Your drive gets stronger.

My Client Samantha…

My Client Samantha…

Let’s talk about my client, Sam, for a minute…

There are 100 things I could list in the category of places she’s made massive shifts and has been reaping the benefits of from watering those seeds every day…it’s been seriously amazing to watch.

BUT this right here is my favorite kind of win.

When it comes to starting your day off right, it’s a NON NEGOTIABLE as far as I’m concerned.
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Where There is a Will There is a Way

Where There is a Will There is a Way

“I literally just put a lidocaine patch on my ass cheek so I could actually finish cleaning this house without limping.”

Yes. That is an actual text I sent to a friend yesterday.

Why? Because I’ve been going really fucking hard for 3 days straight and my body hates me.

Real talk though, I forgot that no one knows about my past injuries. You can’t see them, so nobody is aware but I have permanent damage in my back and knee. And no I’m not just sore from working out, that soreness has got nothing on this kind of pain. Continue reading “Where There is a Will There is a Way”

Be The Change

Be The Change

Sometimes I wonder if you’ve ever done to her what you did to me.

When the doors are shut and there’s no one around and you have no one else to take your anger out on. Do you turn to her like you did to me?

Then I think, if you haven’t…when will you?

I mean, it’s only a matter of time isn’t it? Continue reading “Be The Change”