Glamorous Life

Oh, the glamorous life of an Entrepreneur…

Everyone wants to be one.

It’s super cool.

You can build a million dollar business in 90 days. Don’t you know? You see the ads, right? That must be real.

Everyone likes to show you the highlight reel. They like to talk about the victories or the things that work.

They like to take pictures with Lambos and Rolexes and tell you about how successful they are.

But what no one tells you is, that isn’t even their car or their watch. And in the very rare occasion that it’s not a rental, I can guarantee you they busted their asses to get it.
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Don’t Forget to Fall in Love with Yourself

Don’t Forget to Fall in Love with Yourself

Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first.

I wholeheartedly believe that if you want to have any sort of successful or healthy relationship in your life, you MUST love yourself first.

I think this is one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle people are missing.

They seek a relationship to complete them. They seek out another human being to make them feel whole. And what happens? They become dependent on that person in an unhealthy way. A way that typically turns super toxic.

You can’t expect someone else to carry you. Not every day, not every step. Yes, they can help when you’ve fallen down but they are not your personal baggage carrier. They can’t be. It will never work. It will eventually become a burden. They will eventually start to get resentful and there will be tension.

So what happens then? People stay in situations where they feel like they’re suffocating. They get puppies or have babies or get married because they think that is what they are supposed to do and that it will make the situation better. They add another log onto the fire, another stone onto the pile, and someone feels like they’re suffocating.

But they don’t say anything. They keep their mouth shut. They don’t sleep. Or they don’t speak about it. Or they drink so much they don’t have to think about it. Or they work late hours so they don’t have to face it. Or they just push through until one day they break. They scream or explode or cheat or do something reckless.

And when that happens, everyone looks at the “here and now” and try to figure out WHY. What happened at work recently? or what went down last week? But what they fail to see is that this is a domino effect. This has been building up since the beginning. They entered into a relationship on a shaking foundation and built a life on top of something that wasn’t sturdy.

And inevitably, eventually it crumbles around you.

Being as one of my God given super powers is being insanely observant, I’ve witnessed this happen too many times to count. I’ve lived it a time or two in my past before I fully figured it out, but I learned my lesson. Sitting back and watching it happen to other people hurts. It’s upsetting that they won’t listen or don’t realize how important it is to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST.

It’s the foundation you need. You have to be able to count on yourself before you can count on anyone else. We’re all adults here, you can’t expect someone to step in and be your mommy or daddy and expect the relationship to work. That’s not how it goes.

It’s not too late, though. You can start loving yourself right now. You can make yourself a priority without taking away from the people who you are putting all of your time and effort into right now. It sounds ass backwards, I get it. But trust me, spend more time on YOU and you’ll watch everything transform around you. Not only YOUR mood, your feelings, your self talk, your energy levels, but the people around you will start to treat you differently. They will look at your differently. They will respect you. They will care more. They will see that light shining out of you and they will want to be around it because it’s so damn beautiful that they just can’t look away.

Your people, the people who are meant to be around you WILL see that light and will be drawn to it.

Keep doing you. Trust me here. Carve out the time every single day to work on the relationship you have with yourself. It truly is the most important one you’ll ever have and is the absolute foundation of every other relationship in your life (and your business).

You deserve to be loved by yourself. It’s not always easy, but you deserve it and if you start practicing this daily I can promise you that you’ll watch everything in your life improve.

What do you think? Are you in? Are you ready to make a commitment to yourself?

“Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself first”.

Born to Fly

Born to Fly

How do you keep your feet on the ground when you KNOW YOU WERE BORN TO FLY?

Well, you try for years. You try to stay grounded and do what’s expected of you. You get the job. You get the house. You date the guy. You get the car.

And then you slip. You just can’t take it anymore and you slip.

You rebel.

You throw them all off.

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Discipline. Nobody likes that word.
You either tune out the moment you hear it, or you swear you have it.
The truth is most if us don’t… there’s no reason to lie about it.
The even bigger truth is that it’s absolutely NECESSARY to create success.
Yep. Sorry to burst your rebellious little bubble but do you want it? Then you better learn to be disciplined.
Consistency doesn’t come without discipline.
Building your tribe doesn’t come without discipline.
Building the body you want or just simply getting healthy doesn’t come without discipline.
Your household won’t run smoothly or your kids be at all well behaved without discipline.
It really is the root of it all.
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One of the Guys

One of the Guys

ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GUYS …. I can feel the eye rolls from here but hear my out…
I quit saying that phrase a long time ago because I know what everyone automatically assumes when I say it… Ya know, because everyone is exactly the same and because society told you that all chicks who says “all my guys are friends” is actually a whore who sneaks into the lives of boys and wants to steal them from their girlfriends and get lots of attention and have lots of sex with said “friends”.
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That’s it… I need an UPGRADE.

I need more people in my life that are actually DOING SHIT, not just talking about it.

I feel like I have 20 conversations everyday where someone tells me what they “need to do” or meant to do. And it’s like an instant downer for me.

Like Energy SUCKED right out of me because I instantly think, “Didn’t you tell me this last week?” or last month for that matter….
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I was having a conversation with a long time friend who’s on his own journey of self-reflection and growth. A friend who is learning to get real with himself and turn shit around in his life.

After talking about the realizations he’s been having regarding his own experiences and things that he used to assume or misunderstand he blurted out, “I USED TO THINK YOU JUST WANTED ATTENTION!”

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