Solid Foundation

Solid Foundation
This is why you create a solid foundation.
At least it’s a visual reminder as to why.You create a solid foundation so that when life happens and you fall off the track for a bit, everything doesn’t go to shit.

Real talk, my life took a super unexpected and interesting turn over the past 9 months… or year really. I started diving in, DEEP. Unearthing things that I had buried and didn’t acknowledge for years. I cleared so many things mentally and physically it’s almost impossible to even explain. And then I fell in love, listened to a message bigger than me and uprooted my life, moved 600 miles away, created a life there, learned, grew, tried my best, played out some karmic soul contract related shit, learned so many lessons about who I am and how fucking strong I actually am as a human, moved back, and have been hard at work rebuilding every thing I ever knew. Every social contract. Every obligation. Every deeply rooted behavior. Every automatic response. Every way of processing emotions. Every way of existing.
I have spent the past 6 months learning new and healthier ways to navigate every single area of my world. Continue reading “Solid Foundation”

Support System

Support System

The other day I was sitting in the salon chair recapping some current events from my world with my friend and hair stylist when I realized that I had just referenced my therapist and my psychiatrist within a few short breaths of each other. When realizing that, I stopped and jokingly said “Damn, don’t I sound like a mess? It takes a team to keep my head right!” To which she replied “Nope! Sounds smart to me. It’s your job to keep a whole list full of people’s heads and business’s right, only makes sense that you have your own team for yours.”

That comment has been ringing in my head ever since. First off, she was right. And she knows me pretty damn well. We’ve been friends since high school but over the past 4 years she’s been the brains behind this mermaid hair which means she gets the joy of spending 4+ hours with me every few months to install a new set of extensions… so it’s safe to say, she knows all of the things. I’m not sure I’ve ever met someone more understanding or less judgmental in my life and I’m super grateful for that relationship.

Back to my point, I have assembled quite the team of professionals to keep me sane and functioning at a high capacity. Sure, I’m the one spending the money, dedicating the time, and doing the work, but they are there to help me navigate everything in the healthiest way possible. Continue reading “Support System”

Asking About Someone

Asking About Someone

Before you turn to someone else to ask about a person, think to yourself… have you actually reached out to that individual themselves to ask what you’re wondering about them? Have you asked them for an answer to your question? Have you checked in with them or tried to make plans with them?

Why do people always so quickly assume someone else knows better?

Silence goes both ways. So does contact. Think about that before you assume someone is ignoring you or doesn’t want to be involved in your life anymore. Continue reading “Asking About Someone”

Physical Space

Physical Space

Feeling scrambled? Maybe flustered even?
Down about yourself? Or a little like you’re lost?

Look around you, at your physical space…
Your bedroom
The kitchen
Your office space
Dining room
Living room

How does it look?
More importantly, how does it FEEL?

If it’s cluttered, stuff stacked everywhere, dust piled up, nothing in the room that makes you smile or feel joy… then I suggest you start there. Continue reading “Physical Space”

It’s All Connected

It’s All Connected

When I started searching for a way that everything was connected, it all changed for me. I was told by others that every area of our lives impacts the other and I believed that to be true, but the way it was being taught to me didn’t FEEL connected. It was all very logical and like a single task list. It seemed to be more about checking things off the list every day than it did about being present, engaged, and feeling into all of the things that I was doing every day instead.

And while I am the Queen of Productivity, that still didn’t sit well with me. Doing things just to say I did them? Nope. Certainly didn’t feel in integrity to me, not even a little bit.

So I started searching for a way to take it all deeper. I started researching psychology, energy, vibration, intention, feeling. I went down the rabbit hole of discovering how everything really was connected, on a deeper level. On a soul-based level. On a level that changed the entire way, I operated in every area of my life. And I found it. Continue reading “It’s All Connected”

My Latest Creation!

My Latest Creation!

IT’S HERE!!! My latest creation has come to life and is ready to go!

Honestly, I’m super nervous to share this with you guys. It’s something that I’ve been practicing for years, a part of the way I teach my private clients, and something I talk about all of the time… but to put out a program on the subjects? That’s out of my element. The ideas originally came to me when I was sitting in my clients office in Oregon several weeks ago, I quickly jotted down the outline and it’s been on my mind ever since.

I went back to it several times. Even turned a few of the topics into super mundane, watered down, safer versions of my original idea at one point. But that’s not what my gut was pushing me to teach, it’s not what I was meant to share right now.

So I got over the fear, stepped out of the normal “get shit done” style of things you see me produce when it comes to programs and I got super clear about what my soul was telling me to share with you all.

It flowed so quickly. That’s how I knew it was the right thing. I wrote all 4 of the classes, descriptions, and trainings almost effortlessly. It just poured out of me and my heart is so full. I am seriously so excited to share this, even though it’s scary.

I’m so passionate about helping people see that they can connect with life on a deeper level in order to operate totally differently than they are now. In order to still be a high producer while also enjoying the things that you’re doing everyday to stay on point with your mind, body, soul balanced connection. It’s about understanding more how it’s all connected, ways to crack the code of using your own energy and intention behind every action to dictate the way your world works… in your favor!

It’s possible. And let me tell you from experience, it’s beautiful and absolutely worth investing time, energy, and money into creating. Continue reading “My Latest Creation!”



*Originally Published August, 2017

He fought every fight in his head before he ever hit the ice.
He knew their moves and how he would counter.
He prepared his hands, his shoulders, his knees.
He never fought angry.

Every move, every swing, was carefully calculated. Each hit was effective and full of rage, or so it seemed. But again, he never fought angry. He purposely conditioned his body a specific way to prepare and be able to deliver the most impactful hit possible (it doesn’t hurt that his hands are the size of a gorilla’s).

I’ve heard every story. We’ve watched the videos, and he remembers EVERY fight in detail. He can replay you the conversations he had with the guy he fought after the game. He can tell you what they said, about their family, about their friendship.

There is no arrogance in the conversation. There is no puffing his chest out and talking about how he was the best in the league. Those are words that you will NEVER hear come out of his mouth. It was never about that to him. Continue reading “BEATING THE SHIT OUT OF PEOPLE”