Be your own motivation.

I feel like it’s far too rare that we acknowledge our own successes, our own strengths, our own magic, our own glow, our own beauty, our own purpose.

We look outside of ourselves for too much. We’re always searching for answers, for motivation, for inspiration, for approval and I’m not saying that’s always a bad thing but what I am saying is that it seems that most generally, people only do that. They always are searching outside.

You know where I learned the truest of true magic and value and answers lie?

Inside of me.

And I learned to start looking to myself as my main source of inspiration.

People ask a lot about where I find my drive… the answer is in me. I am my drive. Where I came from is my drive. Where I am is my drive. Where I’m going is my drive.

May be an image of Jamie Thurber and indoor

I think this is a major key to shifting life into a higher vibration….and keeping it there.

I have this photo hanging on a canvas in my bedroom as a reminder.

I have a similar one in my bathroom and one that I love on my fridge.

Reminders that I am all of the things that are so easy to forget when life gets too loud and the busy starts to creep in.

Want unlimited inspiration? Learn to look to the root of yourself, first.

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