What if I told you I can give you ass pats and high fives AND hold you to a high standard of accountability? 

Did you know that both of these things are possible to give and/or receive within the same conversation? 

Crazy right? 

I’m obviously being sarcastic, but seriously it seems like there is such a large group that believe that in order to help you reach new levels of success or happiness that they must break you down and “teach you” things only.

The deal is, the act of simply breaking someone down doesn’t work. Not by itself at least. You have to be able to support them through the other parts too. It’s just more difficult to possess and perfect those skills than the other. 

Accountability, truth, and nothing being sugarcoated is an excellent (and usually necessary) piece of guiding in my personal option. It moves you out of your own shit cycles. I’m not saying it isn’t an uncomfortable thing because lack of personal accountability typically isn’t comfortable to have brought to light. Not in the beginning at least. 

And for both compassion, acknowledgment (aka ass pats and high fives) to happen simultaneously seems like a phenomenon to some. Maybe they aren’t delivered in the same breath but absolutely can be in the same conversation. 

I want to dive deeper into this conversation with you, explain more about what I know to be true about this topic and how you can make this work for yourself. How it affects your sense of self worth and how you can start making yourself whole though shifting this thought process.

Join me for the rest of this conversation in my latest podcast episode: click here.

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