It seems that people are so quick to assume that a bunch of 1:1 coaching clients is the main source of burnout among Coaches. That it’s not sustainable to have so many coaching clients. That you should be focusing more on teaching programs so you can have less time spent and receive more money… you know, because “that’s the answer”

Insert this face here: 🤔

I tried that.
It doesn’t light me up.
It doesn’t bring me as much joy.
And this may shock you, but I had less time and was making less money when I tried to be more “program focused”.

Me personally, that broad statement above DOES NOT FIT.

I adore 1:1 coaching.
I have cultivated such a beautiful boundary dance within my world that allows me to fully show up for every single one of my clients in big ways, talk to them weekly, help them continuously in rooting and in growing that when I do it my way, it gives me the opposite of burn out… It actually lights me the fuck up instead.

*Newsflash- without any balance or your own desires- ANYTHING will burn you out. It’s about how you’re living more than anything else *

I was on a call with a new friend a couple of months ago that was in a place where she wanted to build out more masterminds and high-level programs because 1:1 coaching just wasn’t her jam anymore. We talked through how she was going to make more this way and it was already working for her. She was SO excited about it too!

I told her, “ya know… I think I’m in the opposite spot right now actually. The programs are feeling forced and I just want to private coach”

And something cool happened, she said “girl, I have another friend that does nothing but high ticket private coaching and she’s killing it. Do it if that’s what you want.”

(p.s…these are the types of people you want to be having conversations with y’all. People who don’t try to tell you the “right way”. They just encourage you for whatever it is that’s calling you at that point. Those are the gems to have around.)

I’m not here to tell you that if 1:1 coaching is draining you that there is something wrong with you.

Because guess what? WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT.

We all also go through different seasons.
Just because right now it feels daunting and you want group programs doesn’t mean that has to be your “new business plan” and you can’t ever 1:1 coach again.

You’re allowed to ebb and flow and the sooner you recognize and honor that the sooner you’ll get rooted even deeper into your “LIVE ON MY TERMS” freedom you desire more of. ❤

Remember that you’re the boss here, you make the rules.
Stop letting other “experts” put their rules on you, make your own.

Freedom lives there….like FULL, balanced, happy, no pressure on things that don’t light you up kind of Freedom.

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