Recently a client brought up a thing that I had said a couple of years ago when I was making a large life choice that made everyone in my world VERY uncomfortable…. “I don’t owe anyone an explanation other than-‘Because I want to’“.

It took me back into the space I was in when I learned that lesson for the first time.

When after 30-something-years of explaining my actions and thoughts to everyone in my life, I didn’t know there was such a thing as making a choice and not talking to anyone else about it… to be a person who makes her own decisions and no one else needs the details. 

You don’t owe that to anyone.

It’s not like I’m keeping secrets, it’s more like I’m choosing not to exert energy or spend time going over details in order to simply appease someone else. I prefer to use my energy on other things. Or on better conversations than that.

It is a game changer for real and I’m so grateful for that beautiful reminder from my client to re-share this story. And most importantly, to give it even more of the gratitude that it deserves. 

Take a few minutes to give this episode a listen to learn all the depths of this type of conversation and ways this may be impacting you that you’re not aware of

Click here for the episode!

For more conversations like this …… Operation: Do

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